2 thoughts on “The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings and 3 Links Between Sexual Assault, Narcissism and the “Cult of Masculinity”

  • October 2, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    Would you also recognize 3 links between false domestic violence accusations, narcissism, and the “Cult of Femininity” when it comes to parental alienation?

    • October 2, 2018 at 1:30 pm

      Thanks Richard Burton, but these are all false equivalencies.

      First, there is no such thing as a “cult of femininity” — all cults worship male aggression and force men or women to identify with aggression over those who are supposedly inferior as a key identity for a “real” man, and this has a dehumanizing effect on them. If anything, the socialization of women into “femininity” sets them up with codependency tendencies, so absorbed in taking care of others needs, never their own, that they make easy prey for narcissists.

      Second, this also explains why there are relatively few women who have narcissistic personality disorder — and I realize that there are many articles online that wittingly and unwittingly are misleading on female narcissists, mostly linking narcissism with vanity, wanting attention and selfishness, absorbed in career, anger outbursts etc. These are traits a narcissist may have, however, they are NOT the key identifiers.
      Consider also that women who are accused of being narcissists are often either accomplices of narcissists themselves (doing the narcissists’ work) or they are themselves victims who are DARVO-ed by narcissists to smear them (reverses roles). Finally, in cases where a woman does meet the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder, she has adapted or internalized a “cult of masculinity” identity as a result of early trauma, much like the narcissist, experiences in childhood and forced to make fear-activating “false choice or dilemma” of choosing to be seen as either strong/perpetrator or weak/victim.
      Again, the culprits are not men or women. It’s the belief system that dehumanizes and drives them to violent actions to prove their worth.

      Third, it is relatively rare for women to falsely accuse men of domestic violence and sexual assault etc that it is considered an exception, and thus does not warrant our attention. It is best dealt with on a case by case basis. In most cases, sadly, you will likely find the woman and all involved have been DARVOed by the narcissist.

      Thanks for commenting, best wishes.


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