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Archives for January, 2016

Addictive Relating

The Neuroscience of Why a Child is a Model Citizen, 2 of 2

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In Part 1 we looked at better understanding the behavior of a child who is a model citizen everywhere but home by examining what inner strivings, or emotion-drives, the child is attempting to meet in each situation. In this post, the two areas below pertain to questions of how thoughts drive behaviors.
2. What beliefs (or thoughts) does the child's behavior say the child has learned to hold regarding how to best fulfill their core...
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Addictive Relating

The Neuroscience of Why a Child Is a Model Citizen — Everywhere But Home, 1 of 2

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It can be baffling. How can the same child who is a model citizen at school or when visiting friends, etc., be so explosive or difficult to handle at home?

One client described this as follows:
"My 9 year old daughter gets angry at the drop of a hat. She yells, screams, throws things, slams doors, and accuses me of being mean, selfish, or hating her, or all of the above. When I try to explain why...
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Addictive Relating

20 Situations in Which a Man Tends to “Gaslight” a Woman (To Get Her to Think She’s Crazy)

It's not usual for a woman to hear the words "you're crazy" from the man in her life.

Don't believe it for a moment, says Yashar Ali in a recent article, A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not “Crazy."

Of course most women know it's not “crazy" to want closeness or to express hurt feelings, at least deep down; it's refreshing however to read an article by a guy talking about his own past use of "gaslighting"...
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Conscious Lifestyle

10 Affirmations and Inspirational Quotes for New Beginnings Each Day and Year!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

(Or, if you prefer, Happy First Day of the Rest of Your Life)!

In either case, why not make it an inspiring one?

Start this New Year, and each day in it, with affirming thoughts and words that activate amazing powers you have, from within, to refresh and literally restore balance in the neurochemistry of your brain and body, mind and heart!

It's no longer theory, thanks to findings in neuroscience, we know the human brain and body are...
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