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Archives for April, 2015

Conscious Lifestyle

12 Steps to Increase Your Happiness (Optimize Your Thinking-Feeling Habits!), 1 of 2

Are you waiting for happiness to arrive as a result of reaching a certain outcome?

If so, you may be missing a key point. A state of mind set on happiness is a vital fuel that creates more happiness -- making the achievement of goals easier, more effortless, and and the best guarantees you'll enjoy your success once realized.

Happiness is the way so to speak, not a goal.

To develop an optimal life-changing thinking-feeling mindset, let happiness to lead the way. This doesn't men to ignore a...
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Conscious Lifestyle

Flow & the Science of Happiness, 2 of 2

Speaking of happiness, developing the ability to shift to positive states of mind and body is also how champions or virtuosos intuitively achieve excellence in their field, a state of happiness so profound words do not suffice.

In Part 1, we considered what timeless wisdom and the science of happiness say about the power of our thoughts, more specifically, the cause-effect relationship between our thoughts and the feelings they spark, and how these shapes our lives and behaviors, words...
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Conscious Lifestyle

Timeless Wisdom & the Science of Happiness: To Change Your Life, Change Your Mind (Not Others…)

"The mind is everything; what you think, you become." ~ BUDDHA
Thoughts are not simply airy pieces of information that enter our minds and then disappear. The words and ideas we think, and the accompanying feelings they spark, shape our lives and behaviors, driving us toward success and happiness ... or failure and distress.

Thoughts are energy. They produce emotions and physiological feelings, and these are powerful forces...
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