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Archives for March, 2015

Conscious Lifestyle

3 Winning Strategies (or Capacities to Cultivate) to Enhance Personal and Relationship Happiness

Life can be challenging, complete with bumps and unexpected turns, and not-so-easy lessons to learn. All of us, at one time or other, have been down a road or two that brought immense pain and challenged us in multifaceted ways. What shaped our life ultimately, however, was the way we responded to these events in our life, and not the events themselves.

Thus, we need winning strategies because it is your consistent responses to life events,...
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Addictive Relating

5 Steps to Break a Habit of Arguing With Your Child, 2 of 3

Part 1 outlined five reasons why "arguing" with your children as a parent is a lose-lose proposition. Nobody wins, and you instead risk losing serious ground in terms of the effects on the relationship between you and your child. In human terms, it's safe to say that, based on the latest findings on the brain, attachment and neuroscience, key relationships intimately impact every aspect of human health and ongoing development, to include other relationships (, spouse, self, children that are siblings, etc.) in...
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Emotional Mastery

5 Reasons Why You Want to Avoid Arguing With Your Child, 1 of 3

Parenting is likely the most difficult job in the world. It's easy to get into fights that turn into parent-child power struggles. Regardless of the magnitude of an issue, however, whether it's a relatively minor one of brushing teeth or bigger ones over homework and curfews, there are several reasons parents want to pause and consider before getting into arguments - in fact, it's best to avoid them altogether (like a plague).

Let me clarify. This does not mean to allow children to do what they want; parents are...
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