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Transformative Change: Five Steps to Empower Your Mind to Create a New Reality

 So what is transformative change about?

One way to think of transformative change is as an inner capacity you have to create the happiness and meaning in life that you’re naturally inclined to realize. Whether you use or cultivate this capacity is another matter.

It’s been described in many ways. It can be thought of as a creative force in your life, an inner connection to miracle-making capacity that tunes in and brings you what you most want or aspire, so that may look at what you create, like you do a mirror, to reflect more deeply. Literally, you become what you most want or aspire. Clients often hear me say, “Be mindful of what you most want. You’ll succeed in creating it.”

In effect, it is a conscious way of thinking about your self and life that moves you in directions of optimal emotion states of mind and body, such as curiosity, enthusiasm, hope, and thus to take action to learn, understand the connection between health and happiness, and growing your wisdom through ongoing efforts to stretch your ability to love your self and life around you — transforming your self and levels of happiness and meaning in the process.

Don’t take my word for it, do a quick check of what you’ve most yearned for from a child. In what ways do you have what you’re most focused on?

To understand yourself is to understand the nature of the power you have to literally create your own inner reality, thus inner resonance of energy, based on the belief systems you hold in your consciousness, of which you may or may not be aware. After all, most of the information that is collected by your senses is automatically ‘edited’ by your brain, and this editing is directly based on what you (learned to…) most deeply believe about yourself and world. Your beliefs (perceptions, interpretations, ways you explain the world in and around you…etc.) produce images in your mind and body to match the worldview you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Consider how your eyes have a blind spot where the optic nerve connects to the eye in the center of the retina. This part of your eye can’t see anything and your brain automatically weaves an imaginary picture together based on assumptions of what it expects from pre-conditioned experiences or beliefs. Hypnosis also give us indications of how ‘reality’ is created mostly inside us, and not ‘out there’ as most of us learn to believe.

These examples show how your life experience changes when you change one or more of your most basic assumptions about what is real for you. Such is the power of your mind to alter your reality according to your beliefs.

At present, in one or more areas of your life, there is a good change that you may be believing a world view is yours … that is not yours at all!

How would you know? Easy (sort of). Consider any “problem” areas of your life, and ask yourself:

  • Are you in a pattern of (repeatedly) making choices that provide short-term comfort or release, yet ultimately harm your personal health (emotional, physical, etc.) or key relationships?
  • Is your happiness dependent on — addicted to — any substances, activities or persons that you know deep down inside are a toxic drain of your energy?

In other words, any beliefs that are contrary to the primary directives of your body and mind (to support you to not only survive, but also thrive, at minimum to realize happiness and personal fulfillment in exercising your power to make conscious choices that allow you to live authentically and create authentic relationships, are untruths, lies, illusions of power and happiness, and the like.

It’s only natural, by the way, that certain beliefs may “feel” like they’re “yours” or “you”; this is not a conclusion you can afford to let your subconscious make on its own. You need to exercise your conscious mind, reflective, wise-self because what “feels true” may just be a belief that has been with you for a long, long time, perhaps from childhood. You’ve practiced it over and over, so it feels true.

You may be asking, “but what if I don’t want to feel or act this way or that way, and can see this as a problem?” While the answer is complex and unique to each person, consider the following:

This may be true for some part of you; however, at another level, some other part feels differently. If you want to change the pattern, you must courageously look deeper, be open to what you may not want to find, and so on.

The bottom line is that, whenever there is resistance to change, there are conflicting wants, beliefs, etc.

The conflict often comes in the form of a habit of making negative statements of what you want. For example, let’s say you are repeating certain thought patterns that are negatively stated, such as “I don’t want negative, demanding, angry people in my life! Why do I keep attracting them?!”

Again, while the answer to the question is likely to be unique to each individual, to a large degree, we can feel confident in stating that the reason the pattern will not change has to do with what you are doing in your head when you make a “negative” statement of what you want.

Your subconscious mind does not handle “not” statements well! The you’re more focused on what you do not want, the more you confuse and misguide your subconscious mind. That’s because:

  • Your subconscious mind is like a genie of sorts; it wants and supports you to have what you most think about, most know, most resonate, most feel most comfortable with, etc. In this case, it’s likely believing you want to make the problem of angry, demanding people your life mission and purpose!
  • It creates emotion-activating pictures in your imagination. In this case, your conscious mind thinks you do not want negative people, however, your subconscious mind is misguided to think and believe that, at a deeper level, the pictures your words/thoughts you most focus on in the powerful space of your imagination is what you most want!
  • Additionally, when a thought or behavior pattern becomes “familiar” to the mind of your body (subconscious), it feels like it is “wanted” to your body-mind because “feel good” hormones are produced, and thus, you’re likely to automatically repeat the behavior that produced the good-feeling feeling.

Fact, not theory: You have to change your thinking if you want to make changes in your personal and relational happiness.

This is not to say that you should go about getting another reality without making thoughtful considerations of what this may mean for you. Too often people are inclined to choose a reality that they “think” they want, and omit the step of reflecting on the reasons, purpose of their aspirations. For example, if the reasons are not aligned with the primary directives of your body and mind their subconscious (to matter as unique individuals, meaningfully connect etc.), you may as well have a goal of no longer needing to breath oxygen so you can go live with the dolphins. (This perhaps may fly in some future stage of human evolution, however, I think we can all agree that it is a totally unreasonable because it goes against the human body’s directives to survive, without which thriving is not a possibility either!)

The key is to realize that it’s incomparably more important how you feel about yourself in relation to your life and others than how others feel about you – and that feeling a new way about your life, happiness and relationships is change that … can be … just a breath away.

The solution then is not to change from one limited sense of reality to another. That would never bring the sense of personal and relational happiness you yearn to realize. The solution is to become consciously aware as a choice maker, as a creator of your life experience inside out, and in the process even become aware and accept that at least for a period you may be choosing limited beliefs that hold you back.

Paradoxically, acceptance is essential to processes of change. It is a complement that allows optimal change to occur as a loving, caring process, as part of your expanded capacity to love and have compassion for your self and others.

When you realize what you really, really, really want, and then seek to understand the purpose and reasons you really want what you want, the path to manifesting your dreams will most amazingly, even miraculously fall in place. Your most important tasks in the process is to stay tuned into your gut inspirations, and to act on these intuitive prompts. Your actions will get you there. It’s a guidance that is rooted to a deep, subconscious level of yourself, which is often beyond what you can understand with your conscious mind.

The problem lies in that most have a seriously limited perspective of who they are as individuals, and what they are capable of as human beings. And it’s also important to understand that this problem is common because of the way our society is structured to condition us as a whole to adopt a value system disempowers us to go after what provides only illusions of power, i.e., proving self-worth based on dehumanizing standards of how emotionally detached we are from the pain of love, who’s superior/right versus inferior/wrong, and in general approaching our key relationships in terms of win-lose competitions.

The truth of who we really are and what we’re really capable of realizing gets lost in these value systems that are dehumanizing rather than bringing out the best of what it means to be human.

You can change your old fear-activating belief systems, and it’s just a breath away.

The real solution is to awaken from your subconscious state of believing that you will “always” or “never” be this or that, or that you to prove your worth and value. You need assumptions that give yourself permission to free yourself from thinking and acting like your own (or others’) judge and jury, and instead to think of yourself as the captain, creator and choice maker of your life and relationships. And you don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to find this enlightenment. You just need to open the doors of your heart and gut and accept who you are. Stop hiding, and stop doing what keeps you and others in hiding – judging, harshly criticizing, condemning, blaming and the like. When you acknowledge who you are … and go within, you find you’ve always been at any moment what you most yearn to create.

So what is transforming change about. It is also about making a passionate commitment to mindfully exercising—and understanding—the power of your moment to moment choices. And it’s about clearly identifying what you want, and learning how to stay energized and motivated from start to finish.

Peak performers succeed because they determine what works and enjoy doing that consistently. They also, at the same time, avoid what blocks their success like the plague. Additionally, they maintain a laser-like focus on what they want, why they want it—and what they are willing to do to achieve it. If you don’t like what is happening in your life, and are sincere about making changes, there is a proven formula to help us succeed in making changes, which is based on understanding the concept of perception is projection, or the power of your mind to create your reality.

The formula is a five step process.

1. Adopt the following basic assumptions if you have not already:

What you have in your life at present is in large part a symptom of your own thinking, and that when you change your focus and beliefs, you will transform your life and self.

This first step gives you a new understanding of your life and self, one that connects you directly to your ability to make choices, to take responsibility for your actions, beliefs and thoughts, and the effect that you have on your self and others. It allows you to see more clearly that, what is happening in your life is a in large part a symptom of your thinking, a product of your beliefs and perceptions, and that your perceptions shape your imagination and actions, thus also impact the imagination and actions of others around you.

2. Focus your energy on what you want, guided by the following three questions:

      1. What specifically do you really, really, really want?
      2. What benefits do expect as result of achieving this (purpose, reasons for what you want)?
      3. What “losses” do expect as result of achieving this (what are you willing to do or let go of to have what you want)?

This step gives you to opportunity to focus your energies by consciously and carefully choosing what you want in your life and relationships, especially who you want to be and how you want to show up in life.  What you want, clearly articulated, allows you to then take charge of one of the most potent capacities you have as a creative being, your imagination. You cannot change the old illusions by focusing on what you don’t have, what you lack, what is going wrong or may go wrong. If you are really serious about change, this will show up in how open and willing you are to let go of your old focus on lack, and shift instead to clearly articulate and change your focus on what you want to create and who you want to be.

3. What actions are you willing to take as a result of what you really want?

In this step ask yourself:

What are five things would you do to move toward what you really want (step three) IF you were really, really motivated to make the change?

This step allows you to articulate and think of actions, even small actions, that you can take daily and regularly, to create new outcomes in your life.

4. Envision yourself in a motivated state of taking action. 

Think of a time when you were really motivated, and take a few moments to close your eyes, breath deeply and relax, smiling as you imagine this time. Involve all of your senses: See what you saw, hear what you heard, feel the empowering and good feeling emotions you felt.

 5. From this motivated state, chose one or two actions to start taking.

This step allows you to consciously shift into a motivated state of mind and body-emotions, by stepping into the picture of what you want when you take action. See the same brightness, same colors, size and location. Hear the same sounds. Feel the same feelings of confidence, strenth, and unstoppable momentum.

That is a formula for success!

You can enjoy success in what you desire. It works every time. It is like tuning in to the just the right frequency to listen to your favorite music, then making conscious choices to lock on to that station as you to create the highest success you can envision for yourself and relationships, personally and professionally.

Success and failure are an inside game. The power of an inside-out focus is yours for the seeking, providing you are also willing to take consistent action.

As you master the lessons you learn in life, free yourself to discover how powerful your choices are, moment by moment. Notice that wherever you put your focus, you activate the power of your imagination to literally fire and wire new emotion-command neural patterns.

This discovery is an amazing realization of yourself as a miracle making being with infinite possibilities for creating the life you want, simply by developing laser vision — and willingness to take action based on optimal thoughts and emotional states of mind and body.

The choice is yours, at any moment, to live the life you want. The evidence of your commitment to create new outcomes in your life rests on the extent to which you are open and willing to engage in the steps above, and in general to take action, even small actions, regularly and consistently. Change your perceptions, and observe how your new actions transform your world today…or soon.

What outcomes do you want to create with the power of your imagination??

Transformative Change: Five Steps to Empower Your Mind to Create a New Reality

Athena Staik, Ph.D.

Relationship consultant, author, licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Athena Staik motivates clients to break free of anxiety, emotion reactivity, and other addictive patterns, to awaken wholehearted relating to self and other. She is currently in private practice in Northern VA, and writing her book, What a Narcissist Means When He Says 'I Love You'": Breaking Free of Addictive Love in Couple Relationships. To contact Dr. Staik for information, an appointment or workshop, visit, or visit on her two Facebook fan pages DrAthenaStaik and DrStaik

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