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Archives for August, 2014

Addictive Relating

Pornography: Guaranteed to Block Healthy Sexual Relations, 1 of 3

Based on decades of research, marketing strategists know what few consumers come to realize, and that is: (1) beliefs are the most powerful catalyst for shaping human behaviors -- and (2) beliefs can be altered subconsciously, without consent or knowledge.

How does it work? By associating carefully crafted ideas that spark emotions of pleasure or fear (or both), accordingly, with preexisting human emotion-drives (hardwired value system), and repeating these ideas over and over.

Sociologically speaking, when it comes to shaping cultural...
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Conscious Lifestyle

Transformative Change: Five Steps to Empower Your Mind to Create a New Reality

 So what is transformative change about?

One way to think of transformative change is as an inner capacity you have to create the happiness and meaning in life that you're naturally inclined to realize. Whether you use or cultivate this capacity is another matter.

It's been described in many ways. It can be thought of as a creative force in your life, an inner connection to miracle-making capacity that tunes in and brings you what you most want or aspire,...
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Addictive Relating

Predictors of Infidelity: Why Do Partners Cheat?

Though men and women's sexual behaviors seem to blur on TV, movies and entertainment, researchers and professionals who treat couples indicate key differences persist.

In a recent study of predictors of infidelity in couple relationships, the findings overall indicated men and women overall seem to follow the stereotypes. The focus on sex, performance, variety and frequency tends to be driven by men, while the focus on emotional connection and nonsexual affection by women.

Drs. Mark, Janssen...
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