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Archives for April, 2014

Conscious Lifestyle

A Conscious Re-Writing of Your Life Story: Three Optimal Practices, 2 of 2

The authentic wise-self and the wounded ego-self are often at odds with each other.

Some competition between them is natural, in vying over which lense, love or fear, will be the primary voice of your experience of life. It's an ongoing aspect of personal growth and development. As discussed in Part 1, each tells your life story from very different perspectives. 
Roughly speaking, these parts correspond with the two divisions of...
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Conscious Lifestyle

10 Essential Ways of Thinking to Make Mindfulness a Way of Life

Mindfulness makes living a happy and health life and relationship easier, and more effortless. Yet it is more than the vital practices that it is most commonly associated with, such as cultivating a sense of effortless presence, awareness, connection to mind and body, breath work, and the like.

It also requires us to become conscious and aware thinkers, and this requires effort. consistent and conscious effort to become aware and conscious thinkers.

Essentially, it is, if anything, a...
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Conscious Lifestyle

3 Steps to Resonate (and Manifest) Your Dreams and Aspirations

Thoughts are energies that are positively or negatively charged. By shifting your thoughts to what you want (instead of lack), you shift your energy from negative to positive, and thus, to an energy vibration that resonates with what you want to attract in your life.

Positive thoughts and feeling states align you to your authentic self, your higher self, a constant source of authentic power within you.

The more blissful your feelings, the more you are...
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Addictive Relating

The Power of Subconscious Learning: Transform Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life

Findings show that thoughts are powerful activators of life transforming inner processes. They activate neurochemical signals that accordingly generate emotions and actions, learning and change, to include the formation of behavioral patterns or habits.

Subconscious learning in itself is a powerful and efficient built-in capacity. When what we learn is aligned by chance to our goals and highest interests for personal and relational health and well being, it can support us to grow in positive directions...
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