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Archives for February, 2014


The Effects of Withdrawal or Withholding Emotion on Your Couple Relationship

Studies show that stuffing or denying emotions can be as harmful to a couple relationship as blasting one another in anger. Communication is a life tool that connects us to others, as well as our self. In the same way that we cannot not communicate, we cannot not relate. 

It’s not communication per se that is harmful or beneficial. It’s how we emotionally connect with self and other with the...
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Couples Communication

7 Rules to Protect Your Children from Marital Conflict

Healthy parenting nurtures children. A parent’s nurturing presence provides the emotional connection that not only helps strengthen the parent-child relationship, but also teaches the child how to regulate his or her emotions. Since conflict between parents is inevitable, it’s important to note a few rules parents can use to protect their children from marital issues.
If you want your children to be confident, stand up for and respect themselves, they need to learn...
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