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Your Brain, Health & Happiness – 5 Steps to Unlock the Power of Gratitude 2 of 2

A plethora of evidence, taken together, suggests gratitude may be the main ingredient to a more fulfilling, meaningful life and relationships, even work and career.

The power of gratitude, as an action-activating catalyst, rests in its ability to make it easier, more effortless -- and fun, enjoyable -- to take action or to make positive changes. It's stands apart from other positive emotions in that it's also the fastest, quickest...
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Conscious Lifestyle

Your Health, Your Brain & the Power of Gratitude — A Key to Happiness, 1 of 1

What makes gratitude so powerful?

Gratitude is an emotion we use to express appreciation and thankfulness and joy in response to receiving a gift. It's much more, however.

A powerful agent, gratitude can propel us with unstoppable momentum to find ways to express, exclaim and proclaim it to the world, or another person, perhaps shouting from the rooftops!

Words may not suffice to express gratitude, but this cannot stop us from trying.
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Conscious Lifestyle

Healthy Holidays: A Conscious Relationship With Your Mind and Body

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When it comes to mealtime gathering traditions around the world, most every one toasts health! Your health is no small matter; all your other life goals depend on it.
Are you in a consciously healthy relationship with your mind and body? In other words, are you listening, feeling and making conscious choices to enjoy the holidays but also make healthy...
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Addictive Relating

7 Ways to Energize a Healthier Brain

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          1. Turn any criticisms into clear requests

Think of words as emotion-activating agents, and reframe criticisms into requests to produce high- rather than low-energy emotional states in your self and others. Brain fact: Low energy emotions (fear-based) block creative thinking to the extent they intensify, and even worse, activate our automatic defense...
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