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Archives for October, 2013


On the Topic of Healthy Versus Unhealthy Power

Several major psychological theorists associated a healthy ego and ego-strength with a healthy exercise of personal power, one’s freedom and ability to choose to act in responsible ways with regard to self and other. Here's what a few of them had to say on the subject:

Alfred Adler (1870-1937) 

Alfred Adler one of the first to associate the striving for personal power, or ego-strength, as a universal drive that is not only normal,...
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Conscious Lifestyle

Securing Real Love: Three Chemicals That Make Us Feel We’re In Love, 1 of 3

The science of couples love is a fascinating study of human nature  – perhaps at its best and worst.

Human beings get unhinged about a lot of things, yet nothing seems to compare to the actions of desperation, and the emotional roller coasters in the dance of romance.

Where in life are we suddenly in the most intimate of circumstances, contemplating dramatic shifts to our lives and future plans, with someone who was a total stranger a...
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Five Nurturing Ways to “BE” When You Parent Your Child, 2 of 2

If given a choice, would you opt for making changes, that would create new neural circuitry and resilience, networks and pathways, if it meant that you may relate more optimally to your children, especially a "difficult" (…more troubled) child?

Would you do so if your children's health and happiness were at stake?

In Part 1, two ways for parents to "be" were outlined as guidelines for parents to not only develop healthier relationships with their children, but...
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