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Archives for September, 2013

Addictive Relating

Five Nurturing “Be’s” for Parents to Add to Their To-Do List, 1 of 2

It’s been said before. Relationships are like a baby mobile in that a slight touch on one side causes ripple effects felt throughout the system.

Our early relationships are particularly formative. It is in early years that our brains form structures that, absent a change causing event, subconsciously, serve as reference points for relating to self and others throughout life.

Parents are often provided what-to-do-or-not-do lists to promote healthy child development, less often is the focus on...
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Conscious Lifestyle

Freeing Up Emotions and the “Permission to Feel” Exercise, 2 of 2

Many of us feel locked inside closets of fear, perhaps unrecognized. We learned to enter these places to protect ourselves whenever we felt fearful or scared as small children. As our brain strengthens behaviors we repeat, and imprints them as easily accessible strategies, the part of our mind that operates all the systems of our body, the subconscious, can activate these automatically. As discussed in Part 1, the problem is often a learned lack...
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Emotional Mastery

Free Up Energy By Giving Self Permission to Feel Painful Emotions, 1 of 2

The longer we ignore or stuff painful feelings, the harder it is to work through them, and the more unpredictable our behaviors and life outcomes can be. Rather than a putting-out-fires approach, you can power up your life by learning to healthfully process painful feelings, and that means identifying, feeling and understanding your feelings in a way that helps you make informed actions in dealing with them, as they surface.

The very thought of doing this...
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