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Archives for April, 2013

Emotional Mastery

A Conscious Plan: Five Set Intentions to Express Anger Effectively, 3 of 3

If you've ever experienced a moment of emotional connection with a loved one, then you know that, like the sweet fragrance of lemon blossoms, it can be a profoundly enjoyable experience, perhaps too heavenly for words.

To make this a regular experience, it takes a conscious plan, one that sets your intention on doing what you observe "works" to improve your life and relationships, and stop doing what doesn't.

What will it take to have such command of your...
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Emotional Mastery

Exploring Anger: Questions to Build Awareness As An Action-Activating Agent

What determines how we respond, express or handle anger?

Largely, it's a combination of what we consciously or subconsciously believe and what we most want or (emotionally) need in the situation. What we believe is possible or what we believe we or others "should" (or shouldn't) do, for example, activate emotions and neural command networks in our brain that shape our behaviors.

The questions below are designed to expand awareness of...
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Addictive Relating

20 Indicators for Co-dependency or Co-addiction

Co-dependency is a way of relating to self and others in which a person experiences little or no sense of self in relation to key persons in their  life.

Rarely the primary focus, codependency issues are often identified in connection to the treatment of a family member with an addiction. A person in a significant relationship with someone addicted to a substance or activity is at risk of developing a set of behaviors (also an addictive pattern)...
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