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Archives for March, 2013


Do You Have a Conscious Plan for Mastering Emotions and Emotion-Drives

Though we commonly confuse the two, simply put, "wants" are something we can live without, and needs are essential to our life and personal "wants" can shape our behaviors as much as our physiological needs and emotion-drives. When we're thirsty we take action to get a drink of water, for example. Similarly, when we want to reach a goal, , get closer to a loved one or excel in a particular sport, we take action...
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Emotional Mastery

Emotion Mastery: Connecting to Your Emotion-Drives to Matter, 2 of 2

Most understand the links between our thoughts or self-talk and our emotions and feelings -- not so with emotion-drives. How can they be as as real as our physical needs for food and water? In Part 1 emotion-drives were described as action-motivating factors that propel us to take action from within to matter and meaningfully connect to life within and around us.

The concept of "emotion-drives" as life shaping and connected to our health and survival is more challenging...
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Emotional Mastery

Emotion Mastery: Emotion-Drives as Action-Motivating Factors, 1 of 2

Emotion mastery, or the ability to regulate our emotions, is essential to our personal and relational health and happiness. It is a built-in capacity that must be cultivated, yet often ignored. No easy task, this inner work requires an ongoing willingness to develop awareness of our emotions and feelings, and an openness to feeling and understanding them.

Like gauges, emotions are status checks, personal messages our body-mind (subconscious) sends at any given moment to keep us...
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Couples Communication

Emotion Checklists: Identifying Your Feelings, Pleasant and Not

When it comes your body or life, not much happens without emotion.  To your brain, emotions are essential chemical signals that connect all the systems of your body 24/7, in a complex and sophisticated communication network like no other.

To your mind, or conscious and subconscious self, your body’s ability to transmit signals of emotion and physical sensations help you survive and thrive the myriad of social, intellectual and emotional (spiritual?) challenges of life, which are...
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