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Archives for April, 2012

Emotional Mastery

How to Create a Timeline: The Power of Re-working Your Life’s Story, 1 of 2

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If so then capturing your life on paper with a timeline exercise may be worth millions.

A timeline or lifeline exercise is a grid that allows you to have a bird's eye view of your life, and to see the positive and negative shifts along the way on a single trajectory.

Even more, it can be a tool to make conscious self-directed changes that, literally,...
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Addictive Relating

Four Approaches to Forgiveness, Ranging From ‘Cheap’ to ‘Genuine’

If you're in a relationship with a loved one that repeatedly acts in hurtful ways, you're likely dealing with recurring rushes of anger or disappointment, regardless of whether you are consciously aware of or express these or similar emotions. It can feel as if this person keeps stealing the sense of emotional safety that you, your body and mind, are hardwired to seek.

It is only human, after all, to feel betrayed by the actions...
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Addictive Relating

Ten Steps of Acceptance – When Forgiveness Is Not An Option

In response to being wronged or mistreated by a loved one, whether emotional or physical abuse, or betrayal and infidelity, forgiveness is often considered the most critical ingredient for healing to eventually take place.

Indeed, depending on the context, forgiveness is a powerfully healing agent. In fact, a refusal to forgive or let go often prolongs suffering for the person that was wronged.

But what happens when the hurtful actions are repetitive and ongoing? Or, when the...
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