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Archives for December, 2011

Conscious Lifestyle

Three Steps for Writing S.M.A.R.T. Achievable Goals for the New Year

Do you want the New Year 2012 to be a fabulously successful kind of year for you? Then start off with writing achievable goals instead of New Year's resolutions.

The start of a New Year is great time to gather fresh energy and go after what you want in life. It’s a perfect occasion to reflect on your values, your dreams, and how you want your life and your relationships to be.

A 3-step process...
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Conscious Lifestyle

A Key Aspect of Being Authentically You – Identifying Your Triggers, 2 of 2

Awareness is key when it comes to living – and loving – authentically. A key aspect of awareness is getting to know, and understand your self and life around you, and one thing that involves is being aware of what triggers you. In Part 1, being authentic was described as a gift, and in a previous post, the secret to being authentic as a conscious way of relating to yourself and life around...
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Conscious Lifestyle

The Ultimate Gift – Giving the Gift Being Authentically You, 1 of 2

Being authentically you is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give, not only to those that mean the world to you, but also to the people in your life in general - and especially to yourself.

What does it mean to be courageously and authentically you, and why is this a precious gift?

Authenticity is the permission you give yourself to be real, to be who you are, aware of warts and graces. This...
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Addictive Relating

Toxic Relationship Patterns – The First Step to Restoring Balance: Emotional Safety (3 of 4)

Toxic interaction patterns seemingly take control of partners' lives to negatively affect the possibilities for fun and intimacy in their couple relationship.

When a relationship becomes toxic it reflects the habitual ways partners manage their emotions, in particular, the emotions that human beings find most challenging, such as anger and fear.

In Part 1, we explored five toxic interaction patterns in which partners collude in scripted roles with one another, and get stuck activating one another's protective-response patterns. In...
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Couples Communication

20 Ways to Amp Up The Love (Boost Oxytocin Naturally) In Your Couple Relationship

The latest findings in neuroscience place love and healthy relationships at the center of what optimizes our health, physically and emotionally, and the quality of our lives in general.

Perhaps no experience in the course of our lifetime, whether conscious or subconscious, consumes more energy, or produces more intense emotions, and up and down extremes in thinking or behaving, than the drive to secure the heart of that special person we seek, and to make a difference in...
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