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Archives for September, 2011

Conscious Lifestyle

5 Ways to Celebrate a Beautiful Anniversary

A union between a man and a woman is special, a relationship like no other.

Its initial stages have been compared, in studies, to the most potent of addictive drugs, dumping a mixture of hormones in the bloodstream that can drive otherwise ‘normal’ people to do crazy things.

The anniversary of your relationship, with each passing year, deserves a beautiful celebration. Of course, there are the traditional flowers, dinner, candlelight, reciting or renewing your wedding vows,...
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When Children’s Behaviors Scare Us – Connecting to Our Heart

Have you noticed persons who do scary things are scared themselves? In the movie series, “Star Wars,” Master Yoda observes this very human emotional response when he says, “Fear is the path to the dark side.”

It's true.

Fear can take us in one of two directions.

Whereas low levels of fear can energize us to achieve our goals in healthy ways, not so when it comes to intense and prolonged levels of fear, which can negatively...
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Emotional Mastery

3 Types of Change Your Brain Adapts: Accommodating New Behaviors, 3 of 3

In Part I and Part II, we considered two of three basic adaptations to change the brain makes to strengthen existing behaviors, or to adjust or expand them with modifications.

A third type of change occurs when the brain adapts to new behaviors.

In this post we discuss the brain's adaptation to this third type of change, or 'accommodation,' and five factors that can either enhance...
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Emotional Mastery

3 Types of Change Your Brain Adapts: Modifying Behaviors, 2 of 3

It's quite incredible to consider the amazing capacity of your brain, known as plasticity, to grow new neurons on an as needed basis, and to indefinitely renew and restructure itself. In Part I, we considered one way the brain adapts to change by strengthening present behaviors.

In this post we discuss what goes on when you adjust or expand your habits, either consciously or subconsciously. A second way your brain adapts to change is...
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