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Archives for June, 2011

Conscious Lifestyle

Five Essential Steps to Authenticity – Authentic You, Part 2

What does it mean to live in authentic connection?

Authenticity is permission we give ourselves to be real, to be who we are, consciously aware of warts and graces. In Part 1, we discussed the secret to being authentic.

This permission frees us to give and live in relation to our self and others, especially key others, from a place of love, and not fear. Authenticity is knowing how to love our self, others and our life...
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Emotional Mastery

The Secret to Being Authentic You – Authenticity, Part 1

How frequently do you say or not say something because you’re worried how others will respond? For many, this happens regularly, perhaps more than we’d like to think.

Often, it's related to not wanting to come across like someone on the opposite end of the spectrum, who is perhaps oblivious to the feelings or perspectives of others.

Most of us say we want to live authentically, to live true to our values and highest aspirations, yet it...
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Conscious Lifestyle

The Top Ten Most Endearing Qualities of Fathers

Fathers, like mothers, are irreplaceable. They have a significant impact in the growth and emotional development of their children, daughters and sons alike.

Many fathers tend to underestimate the power of their love and support, encouragement and presence in the lives of their child or children. Often it is because they been conditioned to believe that a father's value depends on being a superhero who fixes all problems, and sweeps away all heartache....
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Addictive Relating

The Neuroscience of Romanticized Love – Part 3: A Jungian Analysis of Psyche Wounds

The human psyche, Dr. Carl Jung said, ever strives for wholeness and healing.

Jung taught that healing, wholeness and consciousness, whether for an individual or a group, are inborn subconscious strivings. In his words:
"There is in the psyche a process that seeks its own goal no matter what the external factors may be….the almost irresistible compulsion and urge to become what one is."
The path to one’s healing is a journey to consciousness, and the doorway to...
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Addictive Relating

The Neuroscience of Romanticized Love – Part 2: Either-Or Thinking

The selling of ideals for romantic love is a multibillion-dollar industry. While these notions contain elements of authentic love, they largely consist of myths, social order politics, and certain either-or thinking patterns known to jam the brain and body’s communication network.

Why the paralyzing effect?

Simply put, this thinking has attributes of belief systems known to jam the reflective thinking processes of the human brain with … fear. Only fear can paralyze the otherwise remarkable abilities of...
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Addictive Relating

The Neuroscience of Romanticized Love – Part 1: Emotion Taboos

True love is an act of will that often transcends ephemeral feelings of love…it is correct to say, ‘Love is as love does.’” ~  SCOTT PECK
Romanticized ideals for love, and romantic love that leads to long term healthy companionship love with all the trimmings, produce two dramatically different outcomes.

Many of the futile attempts of partners to get the love they want in their couple relationships today have to do with “romanticized love” ideals,...
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