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3 Steps to Distinguish Between a Panic Attack and Coronavirus, Part 1 of 2

It is natural to feel anxiety and stress during this coronavirus crisis. Elevated levels of stress directly affect breathing, however. Apart from the seriousness of the matter and heart-wrenching reports, watching the news, under the circumstances, may be also be an added threat to your sense of wellbeing and health, mental and physical.

(Keep in mind, news outlets are a business that competes for viewers, and fear sells; meanwhile, some officials use fear-messaging in their leadership style....

Emotional Mastery

3 Nonverbal Ways Your Body Lets You Know How You Feel to Optimize Your Choices

You and your body, together, are a highly sophisticated communication network that operates 24/7 around the clock throughout your life. Knowing how to interpret your body’s signals (emotions), as well as understand how your body interprets your verbal signals (thoughts, self-talk, beliefs, and so on), is vital to your health and happiness

Knowing the language of your body enriches your life with emotional intelligence, a conscious awareness of your self and your universal needs – or...


The Power of the Body-Mind to Activate (or Block) the Logic-Mind

Knowing how to thoughtfully respond to upsetting emotions means you get to be the driver, and to steer away from intensifying them, when necessary, to instead mindfully choosing an optimal response. Tuning in and understanding how the communication networks of your logic-mind and body-mind are designed to work together for optimal results, builds this powerful knowledge base and connections that, like other relationships, must be nourished to thrive.
The language of the body...


7 Stellar Traits That Make Women Unwitting Sources of Narcissistic Supply

What traits make women vulnerable to becoming unwitting sources of narcissistic supply?
For the most part, certain "human" qualities that most would consider exemplary; and that narcissists** either disdain as weakness -- or regard as exclusive entitlements for themselves.
Why? As addicts, narcissists stop at nothing to get their fix.
Their drug of choice? Proving superiority ("false-self") means they (and their false-self or false-power) exist or are real. Without superiority,...

Conscious Lifestyle

The Neuroscience of Conscious-Love Relationships

Why are some interactions between you and your partner so intense? And why do you say and do things, at times, that knowingly make matters worse?

You've heard it before. Many of these reactive patterns were learned in early childhood, and literally, helped you survive the formative years when you were most vulnerable emotionally. Though these no longer serve you, most originated out of necessity to lower your fears, and thus for your physical survival.

Mere survival...


4 Components and 3 Agreements of Partners in Enriching Love Relations

The universe loves partnerships! Humans are wired to learn and maximize their own potential in the context of key relationships. And it's been noted that, in adulthood, couple relationships serve as top-notch schools that, by design, offer a series of ongoing opportunities for partners to, ideally, grow and heal themselves, break free of old comfort zones, and bring out the best in, hopefully, both self and...

Addictive Relating

The Neuroscience of Romantic Love – Part 4: The Masculine Wound and Feminine Wound

Excitement, exhilaration and thrills are the ingredients of romance, but not necessarily love. They can be part of an authentic love relationship, in aspects of fun and friendship, passion and sensuality. For romanticized love, however, thrills equate to love.

In a book titled, The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden, Dr. Robert A. Johnson weaves two tales from the Middle Ages to demonstrate how a deeper conflict rages in the...


Why Women Are Often MisLabeled Narcissists, 1 of 2

The term “narcissist” is commonly misapplied. Too often, the label is used to describe persons that trigger upsetting emotions in us at home or work, for example, those we judge as intense or demanding, easily frustrated or angered, and so on, or persons we judge as over-focused on looks or success, seeking attention or the spotlight.

These and other traits add confusion to identifying narcissism, as does the use of terminology such as "healthy narcissism" by...

Addictive Relating

4 Steps to Amp Up the Synergy of Heart-Power in Your Relationship

Words are powerful. They activate emotion states, or neurotransmitters. This means words have the power, to the extent they activate your imagination, one of the most powerful capacities, to shape your life and relationships.

When it comes to persons we cherish, for example, the power of words can be used to either build or tear down.

If you understand power as a perception, and your words as pure emotion-activating power that, accordingly, manipulate...

Addictive Relating

5 Ways to Know If His Love is “Real” or Narcissistic-Illusion

Love is an ongoing process of living deeply,, unquestionably the most profound of all human experiences that brings meaning to our lives. A couple relationship is a unique balancing act, in which two separate beings agree to engage their power, as partners, ideally to mindfully grow the capacity of each to love and recognize, honor and nurture the presence of both self and the other -- as both are works of works...