4 Steps to Consciously Free Yourself From the Grip of Fear

The biggest obstacle to cultivating the authentic intimacy you desire with the special person in your life is a part or parts of yourself you do not love. There are hidden parts of you, parts you have never fully accepted, perhaps parts of you that were rejected, shamed by a parent or parts you feared would cause a parent to reject or abandon you when you were a small child. These hidden aspects of you,...

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The Neuroscience of Racism and Its Marriage to “Toxic Masculinity”

Racism is learned. Like sexism, it's based on targeted conditioning, a forced imposition of a "might makes right" belief system that seeks to arbitrary double standards in attempt to normalize double standards and granting authority and power to the "entitled" group to exploit, abuse and limit the rights and freedoms to pursuit happiness of another group deemed "weak, inferior" yet also somehow "dangerous" to the entitled group.

The goals of this belief system is to gain widespread acceptance...

Conscious Lifestyle

10 Conscious-Love Guidelines to Sidestep Reactivity

What is conscious-love talk? It's talking, consciously, with intent to purposefully connect and be present to your purpose for talking. Or, the reason you are taking action to talk.

Purpose is about relating at higher level of consciousness, one that serves to connect you more deeply to life in and around you. Words to human beings matter. Neuroscience tells us we have an intimate relationship with words. Our words can serve a higher purpose in making...


10 Ways to Lower Fear and Boost Your Sense of Self, Health & Immunity, 3 of 3

As the coronavirus handling and news continue to produce more not less confusion, misinformation and puzzling decisions by powers that be, it is natural for fear to increase from uncertainty.

Human are hardwired to need a sense of safety and security. This is not a want. It's about one hormone in particular, oxytocin, that is released into the bloodstream, and nourishes the cells of our body, whenever we feel an overall sense of safety and...

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What You Need to Know to Lower Your Fear and Boost Your Sense of Self, Health and Wellbeing, 2 of 3

It is only natural for anxiety to elevate in the current situation with coronavirus, or COVID-19. After all, many worries far extend the virus. There are several things to understand, however, to prevent fear from controlling your life choices, and instead transform fear in ways that boost your sense of self, health and wellbeing.
1. Know the symptoms of anxiety and panic as disorders 
Anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety...

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7 Warning Signs a Narcissistic Sociopath Is Exploiting You

Can you spot a narcissist**? And the warning signs that a malignant narcissist may be exploiting you to serve their interests at the expense of your health and wellbeing?

Narcissists self-identify with at least 7 traits they regard as evidence of their superiority, and worth, and what entitles them (in their mind) to exploit and abuse with impunity. (They would not admit this, of course; admitting the truth would take them out of hiding. Truth neutralizes the...

Conscious Lifestyle

3 Steps to Distinguish Between a Panic Attack and Coronavirus, Part 1 of 3

It is natural to feel anxiety and stress during this coronavirus crisis. Elevated levels of stress directly affect breathing, however. Apart from the seriousness of the matter and heart-wrenching reports, watching the news, under the circumstances, may be also be an added threat to your sense of wellbeing and health, mental and physical.

(Keep in mind, news outlets are a business that competes for viewers, and fear sells; meanwhile, some officials use fear-messaging in their leadership style....

Emotional Mastery

3 Nonverbal Ways Your Body Lets You Know How You Feel to Optimize Your Choices

You and your body, together, are a highly sophisticated communication network that operates 24/7 around the clock throughout your life. Knowing how to interpret your body’s signals (emotions), as well as understand how your body interprets your verbal signals (thoughts, self-talk, beliefs, and so on), is vital to your health and happiness

Knowing the language of your body enriches your life with emotional intelligence, a conscious awareness of your self and your universal needs – or...


The Power of the Body-Mind to Activate (or Block) the Logic-Mind

Knowing how to thoughtfully respond to upsetting emotions means you get to be the driver, and to steer away from intensifying them, when necessary, to instead mindfully choosing an optimal response. Tuning in and understanding how the communication networks of your logic-mind and body-mind are designed to work together for optimal results, builds this powerful knowledge base and connections that, like other relationships, must be nourished to thrive.
The language of the body...