Emotional Mastery

10 Beliefs of Happy and Successful People

Your happiness is not something to take lightly. Your health, even key relationships, depend on your ability to overall feel good about yourself and life.

Advances in neuroscience methodology in the last few decades have allowed us to study success and happiness. Unlike success, happiness is not a goal. You, and every aspect of you, is wired for happiness.

Think of happiness as you would a trusted friend, and guide, one that can make facing challenges and realizing goals,...

Addictive Relating

Why a Narcissist’s Love is Not Love (Based on Scott Peck’s ‘The Road Less Traveled’)

In a ground-breaking primer on love and personal growth,  The Road Less Traveled, best-selling author and psychiatrist Scott Peck's unwitting gives us the best advice, arguably in terms of what is and is not genuine love, and thus how you can protect yourself and mind and heart from falling for a narcissist's love bombing. Dr. Peck defines genuine love as:
The will to extend one’s self for purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s...

Conscious Lifestyle

7 Ways To Use Laughter to Lower Stress

Laughter is an effective stress management strategy. It's also a free, boosts health and its benefits are available to make you feel better at any time.

Laughter works to lower the levels of stress hormones, such as epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol, in the bloodstream, by increasing the levels of health-boosting hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin. A short period of laughter can literally boost your happiness in the moment, with lingering effects of feeling good throughout the...

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3 Reasons Sexual Assault Is Rooted In Powerlessness, Not Power

Sexual assault is never about sex. Like mass shootings and domestic violence, even pedophilia, these acts are not about power — rather a set of behaviors linked to disordered individuals that at minimum need to be identified for treatment.

These acts are rooted in powerlessness, not power. Why?
1. Acts that exhibit an intent to violate another with disregard for their rights or agency are rooted in a pathological "neediness" for a false sense of...

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5 Supremacist Ideals (Lies) a Narcissist-Sociopath Is Hooked On

Like an addict, a narcissist-sociopath** numbs the pain of feeling human with quick-fix, temporary feel-goods. He's hooked on illusions of power over others, and regards tools of deception and lies, along with psychological violence as his best friends. Like all quick-fix feel goods, they never satisfy, only intensify the cravings for more.  He lusts for proof of his "power" to tear down another's sense of self, agency and defenses (dominate). His cravings become his identity. And...

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The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings and 3 Links Between Sexual Assault, Narcissism and the “Cult of Masculinity”

The entire world witnessed, if they watched the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings closely, how the "boys will be boys club" works strategically to legitimize inexcusable acts of sexual assault against women -- which in the club's view, is an entitlement of those in positions of authority, in general.

The pattern is always the same. She reveals sexual assault happened; takes a lie detector test. Under oath, he denies and plays victim. No thorough investigation of...

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12 Ways Narcissists or Sociopaths Reveal a Pathological Intent to Harm

Truth, common sense and wisdom are targets narcissists intentionally attack, thus the need know what tactics narcissists use, and how to protect our minds and hearts from these is real.

The term “narcissist” has become commonplace, too often used to mislabel persons who are demanding or trigger us, we may not agree with or approve, or even more likely, may be targets of narcissistic blame-shifting themselves. 

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3 Paths to Clear the Way to Ending Mass Shootings

Mass shooters are immune to kindness. So are school bullies.

Isabella, a survivor of the Parkland shooting, learned this the hard way. She was nice to a boy who bullied her, and then turned into a mass shooter that ended 17 classmates’ lives several years later.

Lesson learned? Being nice to bullies won't stop them from acting out inner rage impulses to hurt others.

This doesn’t mean we should not be kind.

It means that we must develop our...


15 Reasons Narcissists (and Sociopaths) Lie

Narcissism needs to be redefined. Its premise is a virtual attack on truth. Telling lies to con and exploit others with no remorse forms the basis for the criminal mind, or antisocial personality disorder (APD), also known as sociopathology or psychopathology.

Because of the overlap in key traits, sociopathology can be regarded as  a more severe form of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD); however, there is a lot overlap. Both lack empathy or regard for the feelings...