I am in the process of starting a new social anxiety therapy group in NYC. For those who saw my previous post a while back about a social anxiety therapy group, that group has filled, so this is a new group with the same focus for people who struggle with social anxiety. This group is for anybody who has difficulty in social situations, whether it’s feeling nervous of being judged or not knowing what to say, fearing the awkward silence, wanting to make friends or date, wanting to skip the work party because of nervousness about having to make social conversation, etc. The group is for people who are able to function well in daily life, but want to be able to connect more with others. As this is a therapy group, the ability to emotionally self-reflect is necessary.

The group currently has a few seats left. The details are as follows:

When: Wednesdays at 7:00pm, weekly (commitment to weekly sessions is necessary in order for the group to function. Cancellations will be discussed in the group).
Where: Midtown Manhattan, 56th and Broadway, near Columbus Circle.
Group size: 4-6 people
Fee: $60 per session (monthly statements will be provided that can be submitted to insurance for possible reimbursement, based on your plan).
Duration: Each session is one hour. The group is open-ended and will continue as long as people are finding it beneficial.
Age range: 25 – 50

Anyone who is interested should contact me directly:

[email protected]

Nathan Feiles, LCSW-R