The ’Grass is Greener’ process group is for people who tend to experience a general nagging feeling that there is something better they are missing out on in life – whether it’s a different relationship, another career, a new place to live, or otherwise. For many who struggle with this issue, the feeling is that the present scenario isn’t good enough and that starting fresh will solve the problem. Many people who struggle with this issue end up in a pattern of starting over in various ways in life, leading to a constant feeling of regret and uncertainty.

This group will bring people together who struggle with this same issue while working through the underlying elements that can contribute to ‘grass is greener’ processes. It will also address related issues such as commitment, decision-making, settling/fulfillment, passion, self-sabotage, excitement/boredom, fantasy/reality and more.

The group is a mix between a support group and a relational process group, so members should have the ability to engage in an emotionally self-reflective manner.

Group Info:

Day/Time: Wednesday evenings – 7:00pm (1 hour). Weekly.

Size: 4-7 people

Age range: 25-50 years old (some flexibility is given on either side based on fit for the group)

Location: Manhattan — 56th and Broadway (near Columbus Circle)

Fee: $60 per session

Start date: TBD


Please contact me directly if you are interested in the group.

[email protected]


Nathan Feiles, LCSW-R