I’m happy to announce the release of my new book designed to help people overcome their fear of flying: Scared Flightless: An Interactive Guide & Exercises to Overcome Your Fear of Flying.

The book was co-written with airline pilot, Captain Matt Clark, and details the Balanced Flying Method — the method I put together and have successfully been using to help people overcome their fear of flying all over the world.

Scared Flightless is filled with various types of exercises to reach different areas of people’s psychological and emotional processes. There is also a wealth of information about airplanes and flying, sounds and sensations to expect when flying, as well as detailed accounts of what the pilots are discussing and thinking during various phases of flying (including during turbulence). The book was also designed to be used as an in-flight guide to answer questions about everything happening on your flight.

The is a comprehensive method that has had a very high rate of success, and I hope it will help you, as well.

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