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Archives for December, 2012


New Year’s Resolutions: Making Them Last

What is your New Year's resolution?

This is one of the fun points of turning the calendar -- reflecting on the past year and considering our goals for the next 365 (or 366) days. I have heard many well-intentioned resolutions for healthy personal improvements: make new friends, eat less dessert foods, quit smoking, conquer a phobia, pay more attention to partners and loved ones, spend more time with children, go to the...
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The Myth of the “Strong” Person

How many times have you heard someone refer to a person's personality or character, saying, "He's a strong man", or , "She's a strong woman"? In managing our relationship with ourselves and interpersonal relationships, it is important to understand emotions, associated behaviors, and overall character traits that hurt us more than they help us. These traits we carry or see in others impact how we view and treat ourselves, how we...
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