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Archives for July, 2012


Confronting Friends: Part 1

Many of us have been through it before: someone we know well offends us or hurts our feelings. At first, it's just a single incident, but then it starts to repeat.

Eventually, we realize the issue isn't just an occasional unpleasantry, rather it's a limitation in our friend's personality. For example, a friend who is chronically late; or a friend who asks for favors without being willing to reciprocate; or a friend who makes offensive...
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Relationships “Should” Be…Unique!

Rarely a day goes by where I don't hear a complaint about how significant others "should" be a certain way, or "should" be doing things differently. For example, "My husband should be putting me first", "My wife should leave me alone for 15 minutes after I walk in the door", "My boyfriend shouldn't want to have sex so much", "My girlfriend should check with me before making plans", and so on.

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