Are You Overwhelmed?

Almost everyone's mental health has been impacted from the turn life has taken in the last few months. As things were, life was already stressful enough for many people prior to COVID-19. There was more than enough anxiety, panic, depression, fear, worry, headaches, and...


I HATE Coronavirus

I'm sure the title goes without saying for everybody, especially those who have caught the virus. There may be some positives within the larger picture for those who have avoided the virus to this point -- such as working from home, sleeping later, or otherwise. But the overall disruption that coronavirus has brought to all of our lives has triggered a range of emotional states in people, and reminds us that our mental health needs to be a priority during this time.


Decision-Making Paralysis

Here's the scene: You have two options, possibly narrowed down from a larger set of options, or maybe it was always two. Both have their pros and cons, which you have already turned over in your mind repeatedly, and both seem equally tough to give up in favor of the other one.

What do you do?


Fear of Flying: Why “Knowing” Isn’t Enough

Fear of flying and flying anxiety is a very common struggle for many people. One of my specialties is helping people overcome fear of flying with a comprehensive method I created over a decade ago. In my experience in working with this phobia, I have often found that before people come to me for help, they first often try to resolve this fear by learning about how flying works. While there's really no problem with doing this, as it's not unhelpful, it's overall a bit off-track as a means for actually resolving fear of flying.


I’m a Therapist: Here’s What Annoys Me…

It really takes a lot to get on my nerves as a therapist. In fact, there are very few things that would actually annoy me when working with someone. But there is one thing I find myself frustrated by whenever the issue shows up:

The controlling partner therapy veteran.

What, or who, is this?


Love: It Isn’t What You Think

Movies can create the impression that when two people are in-love they should always be lost in each other's gaze, smiling when they look at each other, or constantly in a state of "no, you hang up first". Sex happens slowly in front of a fireplace while you, again, gaze deeply into each other's eyes while the world turns to sepia. There's also no mess to clean up because, apparently, when you're in-love sex is pure and perfect and only comes in the heat of the utmost romance. And the most romantic story is, of course, where you have known each other for years and just never knew you were 'meant for each other' the whole time...


Depression: Life’s Bully

Depression is something many people struggle with to varying degrees. People can move in and out of depressive states, and can also find themselves stuck in a state for a prolonged period of time. When you're depressed, it can feel like you're dragging through life while towing a boulder behind you. It can be exhausting, painful, emotionally daunting and overwhelming at times, and even feel hopeless at times. It can feel like you don't have any energy and just want to sleep, or that even the good and positive moments in your life are less than fulfilling. Depression can sometimes feel as if life is focused on doing everything possible just to stay afloat and keep moving.