Why Settle For Something Good?

Some characteristics of great organizations.

In his book Good to Great, which has become a classic in the field of leadership and organizational development, Jim Collins speaks about what it takes for a good company to become a great one. About ten pages into the book it became apparent to me that the very same principles apply to all committed partnerships. Marriage is an organization in which there are two CEO’s who share power, each of whom is vested with the authority to manage the system in a way that fulfills the purpose which it was designed to serve.


Breaking the Cycle of Loneliness

An antidote to disconnection.

Mira: When I fell in love with Joel, I had the romantic notion that he would rescue me from my life-long unhappiness and I would never feel lonely again. I had grown up as an only child, and was not close with my parents. I spent a great deal of time alone and longing to be recognized, seen, and heard.

 Joel: I grew up with three siblings, and since my family never had much money, the six family members had to squeeze into a tiny apartment where I couldn’t get any privacy. After I left home and Mira and I moved in together, I found myself desperate to finally create some private space for myself. My efforts activated Mira’s fear of abandonment and we hit some very rough times early on.


Can I Give You Some Feedback?

If this question makes you feel like running for the nearest exit, it's not surprising. When most of us hear the word "feedback" we expect that what will be coming next is one or more of the following: judgments, advice, opinions, or maybe "constructive criticism". The unspoken belief in offering this "help" is that you (the listener) don't really know what you "should" do or say, how you should do it, or even what's good for you and that I the speaker who is offering the gift of my feedback, fortunately for you, do.

The offer of such unsolicited input, particularly when it is presented as a gift, is likely to activate some trepidation on the part of the recipient of the invitation, not just because of the implied judgment in the offer, but also because frequently, the intention behind the offer has less to do with giving away something of value than it does with a desire to reaffirm my own helpfulness or


Shedding Light on a Dark Subject

USC’s MSW Programs Blog Day.

This Tuesday, September 10, the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) is sponsoring World Suicide Prevention Day. We applaud the IASP for drawing attention to what has become a “silent crisis” and bringing this issue out of the closet. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the suicide rate in the US has reached epidemic proportions.

Here are some striking facts: