You Can’t Hurry Trust

Linda: When Joyce and Barry were both twenty-five, something happened that Joyce was completely unprepared for. Barry had an affair with her best friend. Neither of them could lie nor conceal the truth, so she found out about the affair because Barry told her...


Is a “Good Enough Marriage” Enough for You?

Linda:Large numbers of people, some single desiring to be married, and some already married but struggling, would be happy to have a “good enough” marriage. In all likelihood, they are in the majority. Then there is a group that wishes to be happily married, are only mildly interested in striving toward a great marriage, but have not yet made it a central commitment in their life. Only a small group has raised their standards and is diligently...


The New “Mixed Marriage”

Linda: Years ago, the term mixed marriage referred to a couple that came from different races or religions. These days, the term is used to refer to those who are from the same race or religion, but one of the pair is devoted to their personal growth or spiritual orientation, and their partner is not interested in that endeavor. Fear usually comes up that with only one so enthusiastic about self-actualization, that the chasm between them will...


Rescue Marriage

“In a successful rescue marriage the partners’ early experiences have been traumatic. They are the walking wounded as they begin their lives together. The healing that takes place during the course of the marriage is the central theme.”

–Judith Wallerstine in The Good Marriage: How...


There’s a Lid for Every Pot

Commitment and intention are both mighty forces, and are especially potent when they are combined. Commitment is one of the most important variables that contributes to the outcome of a project, whether it be finding someone to marry, co-creating a fulfilling marriage, a professional...