The Antidote to Arrogance

We often write about the virtues and qualities that promote healthy and mutually-fulfilling relationships, such as generosity, respect, commitment, and compassion, to name a few in the top ten. Cultivating these qualities through intentional practice will do a lot to enhance the quality of...


What Kind of a File Are You Keeping? Part 2

Linda: Keeping track of how difficult (selfish, dishonest, controlling, unreasonable, cruel, stubborn, bitchy, mean, aggressive, distant, cold, shut-down, possessive, irrational, hysterical, illogical, over-sexed, under-sexed, boring, passive, rejecting and unloving to name a few) the other person is, is building evidence in a file. The...


Embracing Change

Linda: Changing conditioned patterns is not easy, but believing that change is possible is a good start. Transformation is possible if people find the motivation to do so. People change all the time when it makes sense to them that if they do, their life will be enhanced. Enlightened self-interest can work wonders. We are all motivated by “what’s in it for me?” rather than “it’s the right thing to do.”

Finding the motivation to disrupt a bad...