Fear of Intimacy

Intimacy involves a high degree of vulnerability and any time that we are challenged to drop our defenses we are likely to feel some degree of apprehension in regard to concerns about how others may respond to our “emotional disarmament”. Some of...


The Challenge of Creating the Partnership of Our Dreams

Linda: If you’re finding it challenging to create the relationship of your dreams, it doesn’t mean
that you’re a poor student. Rest assured that most others probably don’t find the process any easier than you do. Yet there are some couples whose relationship seems to live up to the phrase “made in heaven”, and some of them actually are what they appear to outsiders to be. Many, however, are not. Some people are just more skilled at...


In Service to Each Other

Consider this story of devotion about a couple that takes time and effort to show how much they cherish each other.

Mira: “I know that Ari loves me, and even when he is away from home traveling for business a lot, I know he loves me. But...