Blended Family

Getting Good Help

Linda: Many years ago, Charlie and I went to Brietenbush, Oregon for a couples’ retreat with Stephen and Ondrea. This was during the time when I feared that my marriage was dying. Charlie was working so much, away from the family three weeks out of every month. The children were young, and Charlie’s schedule left me operating as a single parent most of the time. I missed him terribly and I was furious about the...

Blended Family

Looking for A Magic Wand?

“Reciprocity is a deep instinct; it is the basic currency of social life.” Jonathan Haidt
 Linda: Altruism (in ) is defined as the principle or practice of concern for, or devotion to, the welfare of others. The impulse of altruism and the behavior of reciprocity...


A Big Do-over

Linda: A do-over is putting a correction in when you realize that you have made a mistake. It’s an opportunity to try or perform something a second time. Consider this couple who had a huge do-over. Martin was in the midst of a mid-life transition, doing a...