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Archives for September, 2017


Vulnerability Isn’t A Weakness; It’s A Great Strength

Linda: It is all quite experimental, this learning to communicate well with our partner. Far too many of us came to partnership with inadequate models of communication from our families. If we dedicate ourselves to learning the skills of effective communication, we can master them, but it takes commitment, time, effort, patience and creativity. Consider the challenge that Raz and Liza faced when they caught themselves in a popular pattern of Raz being the emotionally cool one,...
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The Biggest Relationship Deal-Breaker

Here’s what it’s not:
Abuse (any kind) including physical, sexual, or emotional
Addiction (any kind) including drug, alcohol, sex, shopping, work, or porn
Poor hygiene
Anger issues
Poor sexual performance
Religious differences
To clarify: For many people these behaviors certainly can be deal breakers, particularly if there is no motivation, intention or willingness to stop or change the disturbing pattern.

What one person will tolerate in a relationship isn’t necessarily what another might accept. The conditions that we are willing to tolerate in...
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