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Archives for July, 2017


Be Your Own Hero

Linda: We live in a world in which people are defined and identified and even valued in accordance to the groups to which they belong. These characterizations are based upon factors such as skin color, sexual preferences, religious beliefs, gender, age, political affiliation, financial...
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The Transformative Power of Suffering
Linda: Life is sometimes difficult. We don’t get what we want, and we get a lot of what we don’t want.

We can start to slip into a mindset, of “Life shouldn’t have to be this hard, or “What’s...
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Ordinary Magic

Nasrudin is a mythical figure from the Sufi tradition. He had the reputation of being a rascal. When he arrived at the border with a donkey caravan, the inspector had the guards search the saddlebags because they suspected him of smuggling. They found nothing.
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