The Myth of “I Should Have Done Better”

couple-1396319_1920Try a bit of compassion instead

“When we know better, we do better.” –Maya Angelou

Linda: I’m from the school of thought that we are all doing the best we can with the level of consciousness that we have achieved at any give time.


The Myth of the Perfect Partner

snow-white-1478804_1920Linda: There are common pitfalls that contribute to a diminishment of interest in sex in many long-term relationships. Such diminishment is neither natural nor inevitable. We are challenged to identify ways of responding to and neutralizing problematic situations that can,


Disclosure Trumps Withholding-Part 2

iStock_000015517876SmallLinda: Disclosure invites disclosure. There is no way to force someone to talk about himself or herself. We can only invite by taking risks ourselves. Enjoying the transparency of another is earned by building the trust to the point where the other knows that their revelations will be treated with great respect.


The Art of Negotiation- Part 2

black-and-white-1031639_1920Linda: So many people now are refusing to enter into this formally recognized union of marriage because they have negative associations with the institution. What if what’s true is that the institution of marriage isn’t the problem at all,