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Archives for April, 2014


One Way To Find Out Whether Someone’s Got Your Back

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The Appalachian Trail is 2175 miles long and runs from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mt. Katahdin in Maine. The trail was finished in 1937 and in 1948 Earl Shaffer of York Pennsylvania completed the first documented thru-hike. Since then over 50,000 people have set out to hike the entire trail. About eight thousand have been successful. Considering the nature of the journey, it's surprising...
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What’s Wrong With Being Right

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 Charlie: The mind is an extraordinary thing. It can solve problems, imagine amazing ideas, envision inconceivable possibilities, help us to plot strategies for difficult challenges, aid us in connecting dots that transform our capacity to comprehend previously incomprehensible experiences, and in uncountable other ways, bring greater clarity and understanding into our lives. As we have all undoubtedly recognized however, there is a shadow side to the mind that activates...
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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

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When I left home for college, I thought that I had been admitted by mistake, and didn't think I would graduate. I expected failure. I expected to fall in love but would probably be left by my beloved. I had no idea that my general attitude were deeply pessimistic. I just thought my ideas were realistic. By studying...
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Living (And Almost Dying) On The Edge

Jonathan Kos-Read via CompfightMarkus

Markus had everything going for him. He was a star athlete, had been captain of the high school hockey team, he was young, healthy, strong and smart and was now the best salesman in the company. He could write his own ticket for the future, anything that he wanted. At twenty-five, a world of possibilities awaited him.

But all that was before the...
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When Less Is More

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Charlie: A while back friends of ours who are writing a book on relationships that deals with ways of loving a man and of loving a woman asked us to offer a contribution to their manuscript. When I began thinking about the ways that I experience being loved by Linda, there were so many things that came...
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