What Really Matters

It was the summer of 1990 and Linda and I were finally on the getaway that we had been looking forward to for years. Both of us were fried to a crisp from months of overwork.


Humbled: The Price of Wisdom

CoupleSometimes the willingness to feel bad can be the price of great wisdom.

Charlie: One of the things that can be so frustrating about relationships is that it’s often at those very times that you think that you’re finally “getting it down”,


Going for the Gusto!

iStock_000015517876SmallThe willingness to risk authenticity fuels romantic passion.

Linda: Back in the old days, at the very beginning of my relationship with my husband Charlie,


The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Kids

Your partner might appreciate it too.

We don’t serve the needs of our children when we neglect our relationship in order to attend to them. It can sometimes feel as if there is a competition for attention between our partner and our kids.