Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Myths not to live by

True or false:

  • Couples with great relationships don’t fight
  • Most people expect too much from marriage
  • All the good men/women are already taken
  • Love can heal all wounds
  • If my partner were more like me we’d have a better relationship


These are some examples of beliefs that are commonly-held held by many people.


Believing Eyes

Loving coupleOne of the things that I notice about successful couples is that nearly all of them demonstrate a capacity to not only see the beauty and goodness in each other,


No Holding Pattern

iStock_000017925734Small“He who isn’t busy being born is busy dying.” Bob Dylan

Linda: There’s a story (it may be apocryphal but it’s a great story anyway) about a frog being put in a beaker of boiling water.


The Gifts of Giving

The Gifts of Giving

 Giving of ourselves is giving to ourselves.

 “Conscious perfect love is when you love someone so completely that you wish only for your beloved’s self realization. That they are given the space and the wherewithal to discover who they are without thought of reciprocation or reward for oneself.” ~ A.E.


Are You Just Fighting or Engaging in “Conscious Combat”?

5 Guidelines to Handling Differences Effectively

The factor that is most likely to predispose a couple to have an enduring successful relationship is:

  1. Shared interests in common
  2. Ability to avoid or prevent intense emotional conflict
  3. Ability to manage differences effectively
  4. Shared political views
  5. Strong bonds of affection established early in the relationship.