A Big Do-over

Linda: A do-over is putting a correction in when you realize that you have made a mistake. It’s an opportunity to try or perform something a second time. Consider this couple who had a huge do-over. Martin was in the midst of a mid-life transition, doing a...


The Woman Who Stayed Too Long

Linda: The following are two letters I received from a woman I will call Lucia. She read a blog I posted that touched her, and she wanted me to warn other women to not waste years in a relationship that is draining their very...


The Bright Side of Dark Times

The Chinese term for “crisis” involves two characters. One which means danger and the other, “opportunity”. “Opportune”, the root of the word “opportunity means “auspicious, advantageous, and favorable”, a set of circumstances that reveals possibilities previously hidden. A crisis is a paradox that contains...