Keep the Flame Burning Bright Part 1

You may have heard that long-term relationships eventually and inevitably become flat and boring. Many people believe this idea to be true, which is unfortunate because it’s not. At least not according to many long-term married couples (including ourselves) with whom we’ve spoken, The danger in believing something that isn’t necessarily true is that in doing so you are likely to act accordingly, and risk creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Getting to be right about something isn’t always...


The Antidote to Arrogance

We often write about the virtues and qualities that promote healthy and mutually-fulfilling relationships, such as generosity, respect, commitment, and compassion, to name a few in the top ten. Cultivating these qualities through intentional practice will do a lot to enhance the quality of...


What Kind of a File Are You Keeping? Part 2

Linda: Keeping track of how difficult (selfish, dishonest, controlling, unreasonable, cruel, stubborn, bitchy, mean, aggressive, distant, cold, shut-down, possessive, irrational, hysterical, illogical, over-sexed, under-sexed, boring, passive, rejecting and unloving to name a few) the other person is, is building evidence in a file. The...