LindaIn the positive psychology movement, the researchers claim that our level of happiness is made up of three parts, 50% genetics, 10% the circumstances of our life and 40% our beliefs and attitudes. 40% is a large portion of influence, that part...


Passive Aggressive Behavior Takes Us Down

Linda: It drove Sandy nuts when Robert repatedly came home from work late.

She asked him respectfully to call her if he would be later than expected so that she wouldn’t worry. Robert would agree that her request was reasonable, and yet continued to break his agreement.

When Sandy confronted him repeatedly about not holding up his end, he always said the same thing, ”I forgot.” This common refrain was his explanation about a large number of agreements he...


Are You A Blurter?

Linda: It can be hard to own up to how we get in our own way of having the kind of partnership that we dream of. A chief deterrent from having a terrific partnership is frequently related to the lack of dealing with differences well. When differences become conflict, due to the lack of skill on one or both partners, the well-being of the partnership is compromised. It is worthwhile to check ourselves out...