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Looking for A Magic Wand?

“Reciprocity is a deep instinct; it is the basic currency of social life.” Jonathan Haidt
 Linda: Altruism (in ) is defined as the principle or practice of concern for, or devotion to, the welfare of others. The impulse of altruism and the behavior of reciprocity...


A Big Do-over

Linda: A do-over is putting a correction in when you realize that you have made a mistake. It’s an opportunity to try or perform something a second time. Consider this couple who had a huge do-over. Martin was in the midst of a mid-life transition, doing a...


The Woman Who Stayed Too Long

Linda: The following are two letters I received from a woman I will call Lucia. She read a blog I posted that touched her, and she wanted me to warn other women to not waste years in a relationship that is draining their very...