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Relapse Prevention
with John Leadem, LCSW & Shawn Leadem, LCSW

Welcome to Our New Blog: Relapse Prevention

Ounce-of-prevention.1Addiction hurts.

This is true for both the addicted person as well as for those who love someone with an addiction. Additional victims are those who have been injured by  the behaviors that are associated with either one of these two profiles. These victims can be children, employers, and neighbors to mention just a few. Every sphere of impact, from our society as a whole to the addict who is at the epicenter of the disaster, feels the cost of untreated addiction.

We have found through practical experience that far many more addicts and their families are inspired to seek help by the changes they witness in other recovering addicts than they are by well meaning friends and professionals attempting to scare them into recovery by focusing on the consequences of not getting help. We believe that the best use of our energy and resources is when we use the recovery success of others to motivate addicted people and their families to seek help.

We have also found that addicts who have an opportunity to identify and intervene on the predictable patterns of a relapse process are more likely to be motivated to make character changes with the promise of a positive outcome than they are when only driven by the threat of the harm that will come if they don’t.

In this new Psych Central blog, “Relapse Prevention” we have chosen to write articles with immense practical application rather than a critical review of relapse prevention literature. While there are many fine treatment sources available to those who chose to get sober, we think there are still too few available for those who want to put special emphasis on relapse prevention.

It is truly unfortunate that so few treatment programs place very little attention on affirmative action plans for preventing relapse following discharge. This new blog is intended to serve as a resource to addicts and their families looking to sustain the hope they have found in the recovery process, as well as a resource for addiction treatment professionals.

We encourage you to focus on relapse prevention because it is an insurance policy for your future. In the words Benjamin Franklin writing in Poor Richard’s Almanac:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

You can read our latest article at bit.ly/1UdCvCB. We invite you, our readers, to comment with your own experiences and ideas. We would like to use your comments and questions for the contents of our next upcoming blogs. Please >>CLICK HERE<< to leave us your comment or question.


Welcome to Our New Blog: Relapse Prevention

John Leadem, MSW, LCSW and Shawn Leadem, MSW, LCSW

Both John and Shawn Leadem are Licensed Clinical Social Workers in private practice in Toms River, New Jersey.

John has recently celebrated his 45th year in recovery and believes that “service to others is the cornerstone of spiritual maturity.” His professional service to addicted individuals and their families has included the development and direction of addiction treatment services in a full array of modalities from half-way houses to large residential treatment facilities over the past 44 years.

Shawn's lifelong exposure to the recovery culture and his personal recovery experience has left him with a deep personal empathy for the social and emotional suffering endured by others and a strong faith in a person’s ability to change. He has received his certification as a Sexual Addiction Therapist and as a Multiple Addictions Therapist by the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals.

Together, John and Shawn have co-authored and brought their unique treatment model of relapse prevention, An Ounce of Prevention: A Course in Relapse Prevention, to residential treatment centers across the United States, they have trained therapists at numerous national and international conferences, and most recently have trained many EAP programs associated with many State Unions.

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