Antisocial Personality Disorder

5 Eerie Signs You May Be Dating a Psychopath

"Psychopath and sociopath are pop psychology terms for what psychiatry calls an antisocial personality disorder." - Dr. John M. Grohol, Differences Between a Psychopath and a Sociopath
On the higher end of the narcissistic spectrum lies Antisocial Personality Disorder; a disorder that carries with it the symptoms of narcissism along with law-breaking behavior and a long-standing pattern of disregarding the rights of others. Psychopaths have also been shown by studies to have structural abnormalities in parts of the brain that deal with empathy, remorse and moral reasoning (Oliveira-Souza et. al, 2008; Gregory, 2012).

Emotional Abuse

These 5 Self-Care Practices Can Save Your Life After Emotional Abuse

When survivors of emotional abuse go No Contact (or Low Contact if co-parenting) with their abuser, the journey to healing is just beginning. Victims of psychological violence are likely to still be reeling from the symptoms of trauma, including but not limited to: reoccurring flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, dissociation, depression and pervasive feelings of low self-worth. They may even have urges to check up on or reconnect with their abuser due to the intense trauma bonds that developed during the abuse cycle.

Abusive friends

5 Powerful Healing Benefits of Being Single After Abuse

After the ending of a toxic relationship, survivors may be tempted to fill the void and avoid confronting their pain by reentering another relationship quickly. Sometimes, survivors are able to find an empathic, caring partner shortly after the ending of their abusive relationship. Unfortunately, what  happens more often than not is that they end up with another emotional predator who resembles the same one they just left, retriggering and cementing the same abandonment wounds that they attempted to escape in the first place.

Abusive friends

11 Signs You’re the Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

Imagine this: your entire reality has been warped and distorted. You have been mercilessly violated, manipulated, lied to, ridiculed, demeaned and gaslighted into believing that you are imagining things.  The person you thought you knew and the life you built together have been shattered into a million little fragments.

Abusive friends

5 Ways Pathologically Envious Narcissists Undermine Your Success

Pathological envy happens to be related to one of the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Narcissists are said to be envious of others and yet believe others to be envious of them; they will often project this trait onto others and make their victims feel like the insecure ones. This type of envy, while common among narcissists, isn’t just limited to malignant narcissists. Yet narcissistic abusers are more likely to be driven by their envy to engage in destructive behavior towards others in a way that is chronic, impactful and harmful.

Abusive friends

The Histrionic Female Has an Insatiable and Destructive Desire for Attention

The Histrionic Female and the Narcissistic Female
I am often asked what the differences are between a histrionic person and a narcissistic one. Since Histrionic Personality Disorder tends to be diagnosed more commonly  among females than males, I will be focusing on histrionic females for the purposes of this article. While they share similarities, the histrionic female’s dramatic theatricality, excessive emotionality, and overreliance on their sexuality and appearance as points of power can be distinguishing factors from the narcissistic female.

Covert bullying

The Powerful Effect of Love Bombing and Intermittent Reinforcement on Children of Narcissists

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What is love bombing?
Love bombing is a process of grooming in which a predator uses flattery, praise and the promise of a supreme alliance to fulfill their own agendas. By love bombing their victims, abusers are able to persuade their targets to fulfill their requests and desires. Love bombing is not only a tool used by covert manipulators to exploit their victims, it is also used

Covert bullying

3 Sneaky Techniques Covert Narcissists Use to Disarm and Demean You

We’re all familiar with loud, bold, and overly confident overt narcissists. These types of narcissists are visibly grandiose, aggressively posturing their superiority for all to see. They may be vain and somatic, overly focused on their appearance, or they may be on the more cerebral end, contemptuously putting down anyone and everyone who threatens their so-called intellectual superiority.

Fortunately, overt narcissists are usually easy to spot and hopefully easier to avoid investing in. Covert narcissists, on the other hand, present new challenges; they can appear meek, innocent, charitable, even humble at first glance. They can be disarmingly seductive, even loving, personable and gracious.

Covert bullying

5 Signs You’re Dealing with a Dangerous Narcissistic “Healer” or Guru

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Awareness of narcissistic abuse and its effects is quickly becoming more and more widespread. As the survivor community grows online in blogs, forums, Instagram pages, Facebook communities and across real life communities, the number of “healers” and “gurus” who purport to help survivors on their journey continues to expand as well.

While there are many incredible therapists, coaches, spiritual guides, authors, bloggers and advocates in a number...