I blog for World Mental Health DayIf one’s bowels move, one is happy; and if they don’t move, one is unhappy. That is all there is to it. — Lin Yutang

Nice to hear the secret of life boiled down to crap, eh?

I don’t know the quote’s context except that it came from a book called The Importance of Living. And according to one review of the book, “Lin Yutang’s ideal is the ‘scamp’ – an amiable loafer who wanders through life, learning, loving, living. ” 

And sure, I can see this as a credo for that sort of carefree fellow. Actually, I think Dean Martin has said something similar. And he was nothing if not a scamp.

It’s refreshing attitude. So simple. So free from angst and navel gazing and rumination. Happiness is a warm..never mind.

Is it true? To some extent, sure. Starting the morning right can make a difference in your day. And if you’ve ever been constipated, you know that can make an even bigger difference.

But let’s go all metaphorical on this quote’s ass. Let’s talk about the bowels of the mind and the crap that clogs those tubes. All that stuff we take in that should have been digested and flushed away a long time ago, but that instead has gotten stuck, leaving no room for new, healthy stuff. Any nutrients have long since been leached out so that the only thing left is bulky, useless matter.

Everything we take into our bodies and minds affects us in some way. Our experiences are like nutrients for who we are. But whatever happens, after we absorb the learning, there’s a lot of leftover crap that doesn’t do us a bit of good.  If we let that get backed up, we feel bad. We get logy and bogged down. Our brains feel bloated and crampy. Nothing flows the way it should. We are reluctant to take in new experiences.

To be happy, we need to move that stuff out. Keep the pipes clear.

So, enough scatological metaphors for ya?

No, let’s torture it one step further. I’m just going to put it out there and let you complete the image in the bathroom of your mind. Have fun.

Therapy is a brain laxative.

Toilet paper photo is available from Shutterstock.