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The Times They Are (Inevitably) Changing

Everything changes whether you want it to or not.

I invented this one for myself, although I’m sure Buddhists would try to take credit.

This might not be a happy quote all the time.  What if you don’t want things to change, what if everything is perfect just as it is right now at this moment?

Too bad. Then again, there is no perfect so that’s just a happy illusion anyway.

But then there are those times when life is dreary or dull or uncomfortable or unhappy or even downright, outright awful. That’s when I trot out this quote and repeat it over and over, like a mantra.

It’s so easy, in the not-so-good times to feel hopeless. This is it, this is life and it bites.

Or to turn yourself inside-out trying to change things, or think of ways to change things. That’s the way I tend to handle life, getting right up in its face and insisting it bend to my will. But life can be so uncooperative sometimes and I end up just painfully conking heads with it.

That’s when I stop. (Or at least try.) Stop and breathe and wait. Wait to see how things unfold. Wait to see what paths I’ve never considered might present themselves. Wait to see what blossoms or dies or reseeds all by itself, without my “help.” Wait to see if a plan of action suggests itself so that I can stop the waiting and seeing and get back to work.

Things might get better. They might get worse. They might get better and then worse. Or worse and then better. Or worse and worse. Or better and better. No telling, really.

The only thing they won’t do, guaranteed, is stay the same. Whether I want them to or not.  

The Times They Are (Inevitably) Changing

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