“Be careful what you wish for.”

“I hate that one,” a friend said. “Life is so difficult already, and they’re saying you’re not even supposed to wish?”

That little aphorism is so old and musty and familiar, I never gave it much thought until my friend said that. But now that she mentions it…what the hell?

What kind of crippling curse is that to put on someone? How can you wish for anything when you are told that there’s a damn good chance that wish will blow up in your face?

Besides, how can wishing something–just wishing– do any harm? It’s not like Glinda the Good Witch is going to come floating down in a bubble to wave her magic wand and make your wish come true. Between wishing and getting is likely to be a whole lot of thinking and doing, during which time, if the wish is misguided, you have a pretty good chance of figuring it out.

Unless you have magical powers, there’s not a single thing wrong with wishing. Wishing can be the first step to setting a goal, and setting a goal is the first step to attaining it. Without a wish, how do you know what you want?

So go ahead, wish carelessly and with wild abandon—and then be careful what you do. That’s really much more important.


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