8 Tips on How to Stay Slim for the Holidays. And a cartoon.

My last cartoon was about Charlie Brown specials. He had a temper sometimes, didn't he?

Today let's talk about how to control your weight over the holidays. You can't control what presents you get, but at least consider what goes in your mouth.

From Huffington Post: For the good news, according to research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Americans, on average, gain just about one...
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You Blockhead!

My last cartoon was about several ways to handle the holidays. (Most of them involved escapism.)

As it happens, my last column mentioned Charlie Brown, too. I don't have a "thing" for him, o but he does seem to be around a lot during the holidays.

In case you run out of conversation at the dinner table, impress them with one of these traditional Peanuts quotes, or Peanuts Epithets:

I can't stand it!
Good grief!
My stomach...
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What to Do if Life Spirals Out of Control at the Holidays (including must-see Christmas movies)

My last cartoon was about job interviews, and one way to answer the trickiest question of all.

This cartoon is about temporary setbacks. I feel like I did some moving backwards this year, or at least didn't progress, even if I didn't exactly regress. Just me?

Of course, now I have the excuse of the holidays for my non-movement. Oh dear, they are so tingly and pressure-filled, how can I move forward the way I want to?

But there is help. I guess I was too...
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Job-hunting? This Halloween cartoon’s for you.

My earlier cartoon this month was about Halloween, too, but that witch wore a bikini. And I talked about good and evil a lot.

I did this cartoon for the Wall Street Journal, and they have a very tiny space for cartoons in the paper, so this looks a little different; all cartoons have to be redrawn with bold lines and vertical. (I'm quite sure that modern photogravure processes could handle shade nowadays, but the WSJ has always been set in its } I should...
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