Is Big Always Better?

I was a little disappointed that no one added any predictions to my last column and cartoon. Even if you're not a psychic (note: psychics are welcome here), I was looking forward to some smart ideas! Anyone?

Now that we're into the New Year for good, no turning back, I thought it was time to revisit the question on a lot of people's (men's) minds: Does size really matter?

On a hike in Griffith Park, I was telling a male friend about a breakup...
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Animals and Birds

A Roundup of 57 Predictions for 2017

The First thing I have to do in 2017 is to apologize to my lovely PsychCentral readers for not getting back to Christmas cartoons before, well, Christmas. In my last column I talked about ways to lose weight, or at least maintain over the holidays, and  then I didn't post my favorite Christmas cartoon ever. I had some "challenging" events come up, that completely made me go off-course and miss my deadline. (I missed Christmas, too, so it's not just you.) I am...
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8 Tips on How to Stay Slim for the Holidays. And a cartoon.

My last cartoon was about Charlie Brown specials. He had a temper sometimes, didn't he?

Today let's talk about how to control your weight over the holidays. You can't control what presents you get, but at least consider what goes in your mouth.

From Huffington Post: For the good news, according to research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Americans, on average, gain just about one...
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You Blockhead!

My last cartoon was about several ways to handle the holidays. (Most of them involved escapism.)

As it happens, my last column mentioned Charlie Brown, too. I don't have a "thing" for him, o but he does seem to be around a lot during the holidays.

In case you run out of conversation at the dinner table, impress them with one of these traditional Peanuts quotes, or Peanuts Epithets:

I can't stand it!
Good grief!
My stomach...
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