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Would You Rather Have a Heart Attack Than Meditate?

The last Quick Fix column was about how to respond when someone says, "That's just the way I am."

Well, maybe I don't want a full blown heart attack, the kind that hurts, but I could (do) put up with heart palpitations. At least I'd know I'm alive.

Today's cartoon is about my astonishment that some people can actually meditate, and seem to enjoy it. When I was considering this topic, I wondered about my strong dislike of being still and breathing. Did that mean I was a Type A personality?...
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Mental Health

How Should You Respond to a Narcissist?

The last Quick Fix cartoon was my most Popular Therapy Cartoon of all time! Ah, good times.

Today's cartoon is in reference to how we respond to people who may be narcissists, or anyone who may not be someone we want to spend time with. Do we figure out how to deal with them, or just move on, and let go of baggage? :)

The other day, I was talking with someone about a fairly bad habit he has, one that is worse for him than...
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