Boys vs. Girls: Who Talks More, and What Do They Talk About?

My last cartoon asks questions about what is it exactly that couples do twice a week. Get ready to rumble.

I was browsing through my cartoons and was curious about this one I did a while ago, I think for Phi Delta Kappan,  a well-known publication for teachers (who love cartoons!) I remember it was in the news a lot that girls did better than boys in learning and maybe in speaking, but had I remembered that research correctly?

Science Daily writes:
Back in 2001,...
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Couples Do What Twice a Week?

Is he a bad kisser! Ugh. But here's what to show him to improve his technique! How to Jumpstart a Bad Kisser.

But we're all adults, right? What about going all the way? You know the statistics: that couples make love about 2 times a week.

That's not the part that scares me, however, but rather this one: How often do couples fight?

The woman in this cartoon looks annoyed, to say the least, and the man is a little annoying (and a bit of a...
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13 Ways to Jumpstart a Bad Kisser

My last cartoon was about dog love. That's fine, but it's also important that your people person learn to kiss, too. Tell him these ideas, or write them to him, or even sing them to him. (It's better than showing him how lips lock.)

Learning to kiss is an ongoing project, if you are seeing multiple people. Or if you want your one true relationship to sing. It all begins with intent and inspiration. And these 13 quotations on the how and why of...
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Animals and Birds

This is a Sure Sign that Your Dog Loves You Very Much

Last week's cartoon was about insecurities in the bedroom. Hint: the woman has none.

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Today’s cartoon is about remembering to love the one you're...
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