Why Are There So Many Beautiful People in Utah?

My last cartoon was about a very lop-sided marriage. Maybe I like 'em like that.

Today's column was sparked by a recent article in Allure. I rarely read Allure, with their clickbait titles, which aren't as cute or clever as they think they are, but this one had some good research in it: Why So Many of Your Favorite Beauty Personalities are Mormon.
I have definitely noticed this, too. So many of the most gorgeous dancers on So You...


What Do You Give to the Woman Who Has Everything?

My last cartoon  and column was about how to ask for money (or love). Is there a cost to each?

Next up: What should you do if Santa didn't give you everything on your list?

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How to Ask for Money (or Love)

My last cartoon was about how to hire a witch. From this, we jump to another type of person.

Definition of a sycophant:

noun: sycophant; plural noun: sycophants

a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer,

Animals and Birds

Best Work Resume (or CV) for a Witch

My last column was originally called What Happens When You Ignore Bad Feelings? That might have been good for Halloween, right? But I chickened out and called it How to Stay in Your Happy Place. It's about an actress I know, who just got a great gig, but also lost a great

In reference to today's cartoon, have you ever noticed a separation between people who love animals and those who could care less? Can we just call them introverts and extroverts, or...