One thought on “Would You Do This if You Won the Lottery Powerball?

  • January 9, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    Dreaming is fun sometimes, and with the amount of tonight’s draw, I can dream big, LOL!
    I would first hire an attorney and C.P.A./ financial advisor. I would change my phone to an unlisted number and perhaps hire security and a P.R. person.
    I would then pay off all my debt–which is reasonably modest to begin with. I would stay in therapy, continuing to work on past abuse and self esteem issues. I would have all my dental work done without having to do it in very small increments. I would join a gym and hire a personal trainer for at least several months, I’d buy some new clothes that I need and get my driver’s license because for the first time in my life I’d be able to buy a car which would be a huge blessing and make life easier! I would be able to afford to go see my dad and his wife. He is getting older now and I have not seen them in over twenty years. I am disabled and wanting to try a return to the workforce soon but until then, money is down to nothing each month.
    I would also be SOOO excited to help others!! I live in a modest inner city apartment but would most want to get my elderly mom a home as well as both of my siblings and their families.
    I would donate to the local rape crisis center, the domestic violence shelter, the local library, the food bank, and perhaps a few other worthy causes. I’d help out several close friends with a monetary gift. I’d fund a week or two of summer camp for some area youth and help families at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    That’s all the major stuff. Thanks for giving me a chance to dream!


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