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The last Quick Fix column was about how to respond when someone says, “That’s just the way I am.”

Well, maybe I don’t want a full blown heart attack, the kind that hurts, but I could (do) put up with heart palpitations. At least I’d know I’m alive.

Today’s cartoon is about my astonishment that some people can actually meditate, and seem to enjoy it. When I was considering this topic, I wondered about my strong dislike of being still and breathing. Did that mean I was a Type A personality? But when I researched this in Google, “Type A + meditation”, auto-suggestion gave me only one answer: “Type A + medication.”

Haha! No love for us busy Type As. (Well, hello, there, President Trump!)

Of course, HuffPost always has an opinion du jour about any topic that they think will get them eyeballs.

In 2014 they ran: Meditation 101: The Neuroscience of Why Meditation Works.

In 2015 they wrote: Why Meditation Does Not Work. 

And in 2017: Meditation: Does it Really Work?

The first sentence reads:

Meditation has always weirded me out.

And so on.

woman at business meeting

For a contrary point of view, one study in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry says that mindfulness meditation helped patients with anxiety and stress.

And finally, a writer for CNN says meditating at work is the best. His challenge? To find a place to do it, in an open space office… that was all glass.

Maybe that will be my next cartoon.

Do you meditate, or have you tried it? What happened?

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