dog spells out love

Last week‘s cartoon was about insecurities in the bedroom. Hint: the woman has none.

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Today’s cartoon is about remembering to love the one you’re with. Your significant other. Your beloved.

When you aren’t getting the love that you want from one particular person, if you are fortunate enough to have any pets, you are probably getting the love that you need.

dog in hospitalI was reminded of this cartoon by a fascinating article I saw on Facebook. A Cedar Rapids woman had been in the hospital for 2 weeks for surgery, and her dog couldn’t stand it any more. Cissy, a miniature schnauzer, ran away from home, ran 20 blocks in traffic, and tracked her down in the hospital! He would make such a great boyfriend.

A new study in Science says that you can return the favor to your dog, and tell him that you love him, too. He’ll believe it if you really mean it.

Don’t we all?

Still, jewelry and chocolates never hurt.

Next up: Another Valentine’s cartoon. Because I like you. I really really like you.

For Valentines and every day you want to kiss someone: 13 ways to jumpstart a bad kisser.

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