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Is Big Always Better?

I was a little disappointed that no one added any predictions to my last column and cartoon. Even if you’re not a psychic (note: psychics are welcome here), I was looking forward to some smart ideas! Anyone?

Now that we’re into the New Year for good, no turning back, I thought it was time to revisit the question on a lot of people’s (men’s) minds: Does size really matter?

On a hike in Griffith Park, I was telling a male friend about a breakup with a boyfriend, who was going through a life crisis of career and family issues. My friend ignored everything I had just said  about my ex, and immediately said, “You broke up because he wasn’t big enough?”

Heehee! Well, maybe there was a teeny tiny bit of sexual incompatibility in my decision to breakup, but it had nothing to do with penis size.

But let’s go deeper.  I turned to Cosmo first, of course: New Study Shows Women Prefer Larger Pensises – Does Penis Size Matter? (This is actually an article that doesn’t make much sense, but I couple in bedcouldn’t resist pointing out the spelling. :)) The takeaway:

In fact, what was actually most attractive to women was a guy’s height, as well as his shoulder-to-hip ratio, which accounted for 79.6 percent of the deviation within the attractiveness scale.

This is true. Tall men with normal or broader shoulders are very attractive. (Wider than his hips, at least.)

Obviously, I then had to balance this with an opinion from Playboy, in their category Hard Science.

Consider this: In an online survey of nearly 26,000 straight men, 45 percent reported being dissatisfied with their penises…. It is very rare for men to worry that they might be too large—in fact, just two-tenths of 1% [of the respondents].

Playboy goes on to say:

The conclusions of a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE are likely to comfort many men. It turns out that women’s preferred penis size is actually pretty close to average.

Sometimes the comments on articles are the best part:

No way it has to be pretty like a unicorn or a magic wand it can not be average those are so painful I’ll want one that can paint the town a rainbow of colors with me
      6 3/4 ok?
As it happens, my friend that I hiked with was in the market for a new TV last month. He wasn’t sure which size to get for his apartment living room, and he didn’t like my suggestion of going to Best Buy and testing them out there. He finally decided on a 52″, and had it delivered.
The next day he complained it was disappointing, and not what he was hoping for. 10 days later they came to pick it up, and brought him a different one – 60″ this time.
I haven’t seen it yet, but he tells me it’s so big he has to turn his head to watch any action across the screen. But he loves it, and it’s just what he wanted.
And it’s big. It’s really, really big.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on sizes of TVs or anything else!
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Is Big Always Better?

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