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A Roundup of 57 Predictions for 2017

The First thing I have to do in 2017 is to apologize to my lovely PsychCentral readers for not getting back to Christmas cartoons before, well, Christmas. In my last column I talked about ways to lose weight, or at least maintain over the holidays, and  then I didn’t post my favorite Christmas cartoon ever. I had some “challenging” events come up, that completely made me go off-course and miss my deadline. (I missed Christmas, too, so it’s not just you.) I am sorry about that.

In fact, the whole 2nd half of 2016 was a big miss for me; I spent way too much time putting out fires, instead of creating new beautiful things. Do you know what I mean? It feels like you are moving backwards instead of forwards.

Feeling kind of depressed, I wondered what others thought about 2016, and if they shared my hope that 2017 would be a hella lot better. That seemed to be true with friends and acquaintances I talked with, but what about the rest of the world? What positive predictions are out there? is pretty excited about new Marvel movies, and DC superheroes on the CW. There you go.

The is also excited about new entertainment: Beauty and the Beast live action, Game of Thrones, Star Wars: Episode VIII, Stranger Things, and that more women are in public office. She also describes President-Elect Trump as a big wrinkled apricot, so keep that in mind when you consider her. reminded me of one more bad thing that happened in 2016: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up. I forgot about that. Well, I didn’t really forget about it, but I just thought, perhaps it’s bad for Angelina, but it could be good for me.

They consider  2017 entertainment to be important, too: a Taylor Swift album, virtual reality, Stranger Things (again!), and if you step out of the theater, there will be a solar eclipse. That sounds cool.

I found one Negative Nellie: The Los Angeles Times! For those who are unfamiliar with the paper, the LA Times is one of the top 3 papers in the country, and probably one of the most liberal papers in the world. They research well, but their interpretations can be Pollyanna-like. Reports on kidnapping and beheading in Mexico are turned into a logline for a sitcom episode.

Thus, the fact that the glass-half-full LA Times predicts that 2017 will be terrible made me both laugh and feel a little cheered up. What made them stretch beyond grey neutrality? Reading further, it seems to be mostly Trump bashing. And they don’t exactly blame Democrats for not trying harder, but the point of the article is to scare them into being much better and taking action. Here’s my prediction: it won’t work!

But what’s coming next? Forbes drew up a pretty varied list (I ignored stuff I didn’t understand, like sports, or economics.):

  • Affordable Care Act will be repealed! Stock up on bandages.
  • Lalaland wins Best Picture (I didn’t see it, did you?)
  • Snapchat goes public. AirBnB fails. (good, I hate them. They literally bought out our neighborhood council.)
  • Trump Trade gives way to Fed Fear, and markets fall. That’s not what we want to hear. (This is what companies say to me on Twitter when I complain about them.)
  • something about Apple Watches

And for a complete change of pace, let’s check in with Scientific American!

  • We’re going to lose more species! 🙁 Including: the vaquita porpoise and the northern white rhino. There’s a picture there of the last male rhino, still moseying along. It’s very sad, the burden he bears.
  • Fish & Wildlife almost has a handle on killing all the invasive crazy yellow ants! This will save 15 species of sea birds on one island.
  • Trump is no damn good.
  • But local small efforts are up, and insect conservation is getting better!
  • Better technology to catch poachers
  • China is disgusting. They are illegally killing forests, but the good part is we have almost shut down their illegal ivory trade. Or, we could send them some crazy yellow ants.

How was 2016 for you? Do you have any predictions or trends you see for 2017?

hornetbeeAside: I am part of that local small efforts and insect saving! I put water out in completely non-cat areas for birds everyday, in our 5 year drought, and many other animals…and insects…also stop by.

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Next up: It’s a touchy subject: penis size.

A Roundup of 57 Predictions for 2017

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