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Archives for January, 2017


Is Big Always Better?

I was a little disappointed that no one added any predictions to my last column and cartoon. Even if you're not a psychic (note: psychics are welcome here), I was looking forward to some smart ideas! Anyone?

Now that we're into the New Year for good, no turning back, I thought it was time to revisit the question on a lot of people's (men's) minds: Does size really matter?

On a hike in Griffith Park, I was telling a male friend about a breakup...
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Animals and Birds

A Roundup of 57 Predictions for 2017

The First thing I have to do in 2017 is to apologize to my lovely PsychCentral readers for not getting back to Christmas cartoons before, well, Christmas. In my last column I talked about ways to lose weight, or at least maintain over the holidays, and  then I didn't post my favorite Christmas cartoon ever. I had some "challenging" events come up, that completely made me go off-course and miss my deadline. (I missed Christmas, too, so it's not just you.) I am...
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