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witch in the office

Job-hunting? This Halloween cartoon’s for you.

My earlier cartoon this month was about Halloween, too, but that witch wore a bikini. And I talked about good and evil a lot.

I did this cartoon for the Wall Street Journal, and they have a very tiny space for cartoons in the paper, so this looks a little different; all cartoons have to be redrawn with bold lines and vertical. (I’m quite sure that modern photogravure processes could handle shade nowadays, but the WSJ has always been set in its ways…} I should have added a broom, and a Human Resouces sign, but no room.

Certain people have told me I shouldn’t explain my cartoons. Well, yeah, in a perfect world. But some people may not be up on witch mythology, so I wanted to point out that witches turn people into toads when they get mad. Anger management.

324fwsj pt thI haven’t applied for a normal job in a while, but I’m interested in the interview process. I went to a WordPress meeting a few months ago, and the people running it asked us to prepare an elevator pitch. I had never heard of this, and thought it meant moving up to various levels in a company, or just getting a title. (I guess I haven’t been in many elevators recently, either.) Turns out it just means keep your credits & resume short & sweet – what you could blurt out in an elevator ride. 🙂

HR is so crafty nowadays, asking you to point out your worst quality and then sitting back to watch you stutter. The Muse gives a list of the 31 most asked questions in a job interview, and of course includes the one asking for your weaknesses. In fact, they gauge this to be so common, and such an important question, that they go on to write a whole article about it.

It can be really tough, but it’s important not to lie or to gloss over your weaknesses….Now just make sure you don’t say something like, “I’m too perfect,” or “I struggle with perfectionism,” because nobody really believes that is your biggest weakness.

How about, I struggle with wanting to turn you into a toad?

And that’s why I don’t go on many job interviews.

What kind of questions have you been asked on job interviews? Were they really annoying?

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Next up: holiday crises, and how to solve them by going to the movies. Your movie ideas needed!

Job-hunting? This Halloween cartoon’s for you.

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