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Who’s More Powerful, You or Him?

My last cartoon was about food choices. Would you lose more weight being able to choose from a big menu, or with just a few selections in front of you?

Today’s cartoon zooms back to my favorite topic, relationships, and a favorite issue: Control! Who has it??

(I notice that the caption is a little hard to read in the cartoon this time: “So you feel comfortable with the fact that my genes are dominant, and yours are recessive?”)

Ha ha, I always love a good finesse.

Does genetics trump romance?

Anyway, we all size up a possible partner for traits they have, that we wish we had, or think we need. We evaluate them in comparison to what we have to offer. Even if your choice is not to have kids, we want someone who makes us feel stronger, and even makes up for our perceived shortcomings.

cudding on the couchTalking about short…Everyone knows that tall genes beat short ones, right? Buzz. Wrong.

And now I have to question everything in genetics.

Medical Daily quotes a guessing game video that Buzzfeed put together about heredity, listing which genes are really dominant, and which are recessive. At least they confirm that dominant means it’s a stronger gene. But dominant doesn’t always mean common: an extra finger is dominant. (No comment.)

Southwest University in Tennessee has posted an easy chart to look up more characteristics of strong vs pansy genes.

Who’s on top?

Getting back to the woman in the cartoon, it’s likely that she’s talking about more than genetics. I turned to Cosmo for some insight, and they say, yup. They did a sex survey, and the woman on top is men’s favorite position, as well. (There are instructions there, too, in case anyone needs some pointers.)

Sometimes giving up control in the game of love works for everyone.

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Next: A Hollywood Halloween cartoon, and I have the sads.

Who’s More Powerful, You or Him?

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